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Hey Riverdale fans here on WHI, I'm here with a RD tag and I'm really exited about it, so here we go! I hope you will like it!

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1. Who's your favorite female character?

I think it's Betty. Okay-okay. She has that freaking dark side, but I like her character and that thing how she loves Jugie, is so cute.
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2. Who's your favorite male character?

Jughead Jones, of course! He has a really good wallflower character, what I really like in the story. Wallflowers are just cool, and that how he loves Betty. My favorite couple of all time, I think.
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3. Who's your least favorite female character?

For real,I really hate Hermione Lodge! Like what the hell. He's such a ...Sorry for that,t let me know, what you think about this q.

4. Who's your least favorite male character?

I think it's also the Lodge again, but Hiram here. How can somebody be so rude and like devil? What the heck?

5. Have you read the comics?

No, but I saw some pages from it, and they are such cool things. I saw Archies character and it looks cool.
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6. Who's your favorite parent?

Maybe Jugies dad or Archies dad, but I'm not sure and I think I don't have a favorite parent.

7. Who's your least favorite parent?

Of course the Lodges and Bettys parents.

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

I think it was like, it's gonna be a different show and it's gonna be cool. And after I saw it, I was like, OMG, what is this? And who the hell killed poor Jason? And when it turned out I freezd! How the hell? What the heck? My thought is OMG, for the whole show.
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9. Who do you ship the most?

I love them so much!
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10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who do you think did it?

Let me think about it, 'cause now I don't really know, but let me guess myself...Cheryl was not, her mom too, her dad too...Jugies dad too...okay, let me be sure, I don' really know now, sorry...But when the show us who did it, I freeze and having thoughts like, What? OMG! How? Why? I'm dead...Poor Jason...
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It's a really good show and it teaches us so many things and it' going to be more and more difficult. I am very curious about it, so I'm gonna watch it till the end.
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LA, out.