Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article! Since tomorrow is Monday, I thought that it would be graet idea to find out the meaning of having to start the day especially Monday. It is one of the worst days of the week and I'm sure that you agree with me! So, I'm giving you 10 reasons to find the sense in yoour life! Enjoy..!


This moto is eveything I need in case of emergency. Whenever I have to do something dangerous or difficult or even when I am stressed I recall it on my mind! You should do this, too. However, the meaning of yolo is to live every single day of our lifes. Because the next Monday or Tuesday which is gonna pass you'll never experience it again. So, live every day like is your last.

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You Only Live Once.
Just do this!

Actually, when I say this, I mean that don't fill your head with stuff that you are scared of happening. In this way you start your day with negativity and you have more possibilities to have your day be like these thoughts. Therefore, wake up, take a deep breath and be ready to live your day like it's summer time ( summer is on our way- don't worry! ). Another important thing to tell you is not to think how is gonna be your next day when you're going to bed at night. It's the worst thing you could do to youself. Remind yourself ' It's time to sleep and not to think. I'm going to worry aboout them in the morning. Goodnight'.

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What if...
It's your birthday!?

Well, if it's your birthday happy birthday!, but I don't want you to conceive that. Live your everyday like it's your birthday, like you wait for a lot of surprises. You don't know when you wake up in the morning what is going to happeng today. Maybe it's gonna be the best day of your life. Maybe you're about to hear good news for you or your friends and family, which is going to make you feel excited.

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Start living...
New day, new me!

Every day exists for many reasons. One of them is to give us more opportunities. We wake up and we are ready to gain new experiences, to make new mistakes and learn from them, to solve problems that we are worried about. This is called life. The previous things that you read build our life. And they only happen once on our life just to touch their skin to feel the concequences.

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Feel the magic of the begginings...

This title is made up be one word but has million of meanings. The substantive meaning is that when we wake up we live. This is what we want, right? However, we want to live without any mistakes which will make us sad. Life is falling down seven times and getting up eight. But, that we care about is to get up even if it's of our bed ( LOL ). Seriously now, it's a struggle to get up in the morning. Although, I'm giving you advice that doesn't mean that I wake up in the morning and I'm very exciting like it's Friday.

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Don't wait for Friday or summer.

Friday and summer will come I promise. But they are like people... They come and go. So, Friday will come annd then will pass just like summer. It's worse to know that you welcome summer without doing anything the previous months, isn't it? Make your days worth of seeing...

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Don't wait until it's late, do it now!
The small things are which count!

Oh yes, you read right! The small things are which count! It matters when you go to school and yoou meet your friends, when you listen to music at your PC, when you talk to your parents about how was your days. These moments are important and must happen. Make your life a little bit more interesting.

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Every moment matters..
Remember that even your worst day lasts for 24 hours.

I mention the positive things, so it's time to write the bad things that may happen, too. Even if your day is going wrong, remind yourself that it's gonna pass sometime. Don't worry! These days exist to appreciate the good ones. Also, they happen because we learn how to make the next day even more beautiful. Remember! Everything happens for a reason.

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Appreciate the good days..
Remind yourself that you are happy!

Start your day with a smile! Remember all the hapy moments that you've experienced and then get up. It's not gonna be that hard inn that way. Don't leave anything to pass without thinking of it. As I said, everything happens for a reason. Therefore, every single moment exists to appreciate it and see it as a remarkable experience. Wake up with these moments and you will be ready to start your day.

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Life is a bitch, but you are the superman!
You have to wake up!

I analysed this whole issue a lot. But you won't be able to remember all of them every day. So, you wake up because you have to wake up. You have many responsibilities. You have to go to school if you're a student or you have to go at work and then come back home. Consequently, if you're bored to find the moto of the day, say to yourself ' Wake up today to do what you have to do and find tomorrow the motivation to wake up'.

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In a humoristic way...
Even sleeping is boring when you're full of it.

I am not so sure that you'll agree with me, but I don't like so much napping. Sometimes, when I don't sleep enough I appreciate my bed, but generally I prefer being awake. You want to leave your bed even more if you know that it's a good day for success. It's time to rise and shine like the sun. Don't let anybody destroy your day!

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Be like sun. Keep on shining and let them burn.

That's it guyss. Hope you liked and you're ready to welcome the following week, as I am hypothetically. Don't forget to check my account and my other articles! Until next time.... SEE YAAAAAAAA.....

Have a great day!