Hey everyone! Most of us are really careful with our skin but still get lots of dirt and pimples on them and we wonder why? Here is an effective skincare and the products can vary depending on what works best for you! In this article I write down the products I use but they're just an option, you don't have to use it, Hope this helps :)

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✨First of all I wash my face//clean and clear face wash
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✨Wash face with gentil skin cleanser//cetaphil
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✨Moisturizer//cetaphil daily facial moisturizer
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✨Rosewater//mario badescu rosewater spray
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✨Face Cream//any


-Drink atlas 8 cups of water a day
-Say no to greasy foods (once in a while only)
-Say no to oily moisturizers
-Don't stress
-Be kind to yourself!