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I have plenty of article ideas lately, so here I am with a new serie called "Review On", which is, as its name says, me making reviews on films, events, people,...

This first one is about one of my favorite movie : "Call Me By Your Name". I'll probably do a review on Timothée Chalamet later on.

Hope you'll enjoy, and thank you guys for following my article journey, even if it's the first time you read me, thanks for taking time !

Call Me By Your Name

For those of you who wouldn't know by now, Call Me By Your Name is the award winning adapted screenplay of the novel of the same name by André Aciman. It was directed by Luca Guadagnino.

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The movie takes place in the Italian summer of 1983, and chronicles the relationship between Elio, a young boy spending his holidays in Italia with his family, and Oliver, the American assistant of his father.

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Why I Love It

The Story

The story told here is a truly pure and beautiful love story. I loved the fact that it wasn't about telling a "gay story", but just about telling the story of two people falling in love, and those two people happen to be boys. It's really refreshing to see same sex relationships being treated like heterosexual relationships, with no coming out, no parents reacting badly, or anything that you could find in a gay story.
It really felt to me as it was a very poetic moment of Elio's life that we stole to watch.

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The Actors' Play

The leading role, Elio, is played by the charming frenchy Timothée Chalamet, and is well supported by Armie Hammer.
Timothée's play was truly amazing. It was profound, emotional, and showed the talent of this little boy. It's rare to see such complex and sincere roles for young people, so I was very happy about that.
And Armie Hammer was also great ! I think they both really well apprehended their roles, and the relationship between them. The chemistry they built in real life was visible in the movie, and I think that's what made it so good.

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The music

As Elio's character is playing piano, there's a lot of classical music, which I love, and made the movie even more beautiful to my eyes.
Again, Timothée had to learn piano and guitar for the role, and he's so good at it, how much talent does this boy contain ?
There are also three songs by Sufjan Stevens, Mystery Of Love, Futile Devices and Visions of Gideon. These songs are probably the most beautiful movie songs I've ever heard. They fit so well with the spirit of the movie, and with the scenes (which happen to be three of my favorite scenes).
The music in Call Me By Your Name, to me, really reflect the story.
(Link to the movie's album on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/7K0x1O9gqMQ1DwbMkyCCIM)

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The visuals

Of course, what I loved the most about this was the visuals. As it takes place in Northern Italy in summer, the characters are a lot outside, and the nature is so pretty and relaxing. The actors are sublimed by the way Luca filmed.
The few sensual scenes are also really beautiful. They are in no way intrusive or too visual, they're just stunning in their innocence and poetry, really serving the spirit of the movie.

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Bonus : The Language

One thing that adds so much to the movie, to me, are the different languages. Elio's family is American, Italian an French, so they speak these three languages, and it gives birth to really stunning dialogues.

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(These are just random dialogue pictures by the way)

This was my Call Me By Your Name review.

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Thank you so much for reading !

Hope this made you want to see the movie, and if you already saw it, what did you guys thought of it ? Send me a message with your opinion, I would love to discuss about it, as it's one of my favorite movie.

Love, always.