we are at the end of women's day,
but days for women are never ending
get your sunday sundae-ice-cream at wc donalds with your bff
and never forget women supports women

☾ w : women are beautiful, so does men
☆ o : obliged to like myself until forever
☾ m : men, they have their own feminine part, and i love it
☆ e : everyone lives by their own responsibilities after childhood
☾ n : non-sense, feminism is not fighting against men!
☆ s : serenity is, to me, the sexiest...

kim go eun and korean image

☾ d : decent women do not do mean girls
☆ a : angles love when she smiles
☾ y : your own beauty, find one

women & men,
let us live with decent mind & pleasures in daily life ... .... .

wishes hearts bisous,
chez claire