fishnets under black ripped up jeans, leaves black lipstick stains all over your face, scraped up knees, smells like fresh air, graveyard ghost hunting dates, long nails, killer at makeup.

leather jackets, concert dates, black nails and colored hair, tattoos they got from friends, takes you cryptid hunting, has a smile that makes you crave adventure.

gets embarrassed quickly, always wears a hoodie and ripped up jeans, fluffy hair, quiet in public and rowdy with friends, collects plants, makes you playlists and puts them on CDs, thick eyelashes.

dyes their hair with koolaid, everything they wear is colorful, watches anime, mall dates, lives for autumn.

cuddles 24/7, dates to the arcade, only comes out of the house in summer, water park dates, knows what pizza you like and orders it when you come over, teaches you to play the games he loves so you can play together, always excited when you show him new things.

carries you everywhere, gives everyone weird nicknames, lets you borrow their hoodie, kisses on the forehead, sweatpants, messy hair, dates to burger places, sings along to the radio.