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Ḭn the morning we dizzled with Tears in our eyes
saying Goodbye to our previous lifes

Ⓞn the Roof of a train the sun kissed my skin
At the speed of light It's like it had a wing

ℳaybe we were running away
Maybe we didn't want to wait

Ƭo wait for our life, to wait for our Destiny
We craved it with sweat, we craved it even with Insanity

Ʈhe Birds were flying around
The Wind sang with magical sound

ℬut what was it? What kind of words it spelled?
Did the Wind want me to win or to fail?

Ɲo..."Freedom" was clearly spoken
And Freedom I needed the most at the moment

Ⱥnd the Train kept drifting through the Flower field
while that Blue beyond the Sky made me thrilled

Ȃn angelic Sonet were my Dreams made of
Like a classical Ballet was the Dance of the clouds above

Ṃy Soul again with fear trembled
but my Friends are my temple and my Lover's hand's so gentle

ℋeadstrong and Steady on that trains roof
Even if it's long we're Ready, don't need a proof

ȶhat everything will be fine
Cause we know, Life's an imperfect Ride!

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~Hi, beautiful people of WHI!Thank you so much for reading my article! I appreciate it!
~ This is poem I wrote is all about living the life you want, to fight for that life, for your dreams and the things you belive in and to remind, that life is one big adventure!
~ Feel free to send me messages or postcards or a feedback for the things I write.I'd love to make friends here and to know what you think!

~~~ Everyone of Us is a little Universe!~~~