colorful hoodies, has a contagious smile, poetry slams, dog person, picnics, cuddles in hammocks, belongs to the sunflowers, warm hugs, white-blonde hair, big breakfasts, puts honey in their tea.

yells out the window of their car, hair is perpetually messy, black nails, had/is going through their goth phase, paper airplanes with love letters, kisses their cat on the forehead, multicolored hair, only wears something other than black once a year, 80's love songs, big blankets.

has the brightest eyes, angelic, pretty hands, can't wake up without coffee, kisses on the jaw, always has headphones in, backwards hats, laying in fields, the cutest laugh, holding hands in the winter to keep warm.

runs everywhere, grass stains, loves sports, high energy but crashes and burns, reckless but careful with things they love, quick kisses on the lips, low whispers, always wearing rings, flannels tied around their waist, flushed cheeks, snarky grins.

freckles, cute pink lips, scars and scratches all over, carries a journal everywhere, jackets too big for them, eyes like sapphire, soft kisses, long hugs, always wearing jeans, somehow looks beautiful when they cry.

skipping stones, long eyelashes, the first one on roller coasters, yells out the answers in every class, quick to leave but always gets homesick, shitty jokes, deep kisses, touching hands through glass.