ok so i was making a christmas playlist article and this idea popped in my head. basically what this #whatarethechanceschallenge is, you follow the theme and (according to that theme) go ether based off the top of your head or whatever the topic entitles. that description was very confusing but i think you’ll understand as i start lol

before you continue, here's my other challenge

ok let's get started!

first song that plays on shuffle on one of your playlists

Santa Baby- Kylie Minogue

christmas, winter, and cold image christmas, light, and winter image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image christmas, winter, and Cookies image


first video on your youtube recommended list

Kelsey Simone video


first show on your netflix list


dean winchester, funny, and gif image


first movie on your netflix list

Bring It On

bring it on, caption, and classic image


first book that pops into your head

my moms unpublished book lol. more details soon

sssh, light, and black image secret, neon, and purple image


first meme that pops into your head

Image by UR MOM


first brand that pops into your head


beauty, brands, and clean image accessories, brands, and chanel image vogue, chanel, and book image girl, chanel, and fashion image


first red thing you see in your room

my curtains

selena gomez, red, and selenagomez image
red, style, and model image red, white, and aesthetic image


first person that pops into your head

harry styles

gif image


first music artist that pops into your head

charles brown (im listening to christmas music rn)

christmas, girl, and fashion image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image christmas, winter, and tree image accessories, aesthetic, and beautiful image


feel free to do this challenge yourself. I'd love to read some more of these

follow me ;)


here are a few collections of mine

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