I'm Emelia Moore and these are my favorite songs atm. Please don't attack me or my music taste lmao. Hope you enjoy ;)

1. 'Why' - Bazzi

boy alternative
boy boy
"Tell me why do you still love me?"

2.'Skywalker' - Miguel

adidas best friends city beach
"Good things come to those that wait up"

3.'Walking On A Dream' - Empire of the Sun

boy best friends blonde friendship
"Searching for the thrill of it"

4. 'Dark Knight Dummo' - Trippie Redd ft. Travis Scott

Superthumb ghetto aesthetic Superthumb
"Pull up in that drop top she drop dead"

5. B - Jaden Smith
(The beginning is a lil weird so skip to 1:40)

jaden smith best friends blurry girl
"Well maybe, baby, I don't give a fuck"

6. '< friends' - Aries

aesthetic alternative car boy
"Less then friends, little less then friends"

7. 'See You Again' - Tyler, The Creator

aesthetic gold nails fashion
"I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind"

8. 'Chateau' - Blackbear

girl friendship Superthumb aesthetic
"Feels like I trust nobody, not even day ones. Watch out for them snake ones"

9. 'Bright Pink Tims' - Blackbear

pink grunge aesthetic aesthetic
"I make money I start trends"

10. 'Escalade' - Lil Aaron

beauty dress beauty girl
"I don't catch feelings, I catch flights"

//Honorable Mentions\\
1. God's Plan - Drake
2. Sniffing Vicodin in Paris - Blackbear
3. SAD! - XXXtentacion
4. Love Sosa - Cheif Keef
5. Saved - Khalid
6. Ric Flair Drip - Offset