18 years ago I was blessed to be born, thanks to you and by God. I am your eldest daughter and child, that means I have a lot to do and learn. You may not be perfect parents but you care enough to help us with anything even if we don't ask, you always say "I am preparing you for the future."

All the time, you say you're proud of me but I feel like I'm failing you both. You love me when I don't love myself. You're there for me when nobody else is. You love me enough to be tough on me so that I may know what to expect in my life.

I am sorry for all the times I caused you pain and all those times when I gave you an attitude. I thank you for prepping me when you guys are gone.

Thank you for all the fun times we have together, all the scrapbooks that hold special memories of the past.

Without you Mom and Dad, I wouldn't be able to live in this world and to be the person I aim to be.

I love you Mom and Dad. I hope to truly make you proud of me.