right now i’m so stressed out and overwhelmed.

there are a million things going on in my mind at the same time and i feel like school has me tied by the ankles. i've gone to public school my entire life besides most of seventh grade, and currently second semester or tenth grade. every other school year besides these two specific semesters, i've spent in a traditional public school. i think that qualifies me to be able to speak on behalf of both public and online school.

online school is honestly so difficult because not only are you teaching yourself everything (this isn’t too bad since it’s what i had to do at my old school anyway since the teachers weren’t good at teaching) but you also have to make sure that you’re actually learning and retaining the information.

in online school the whole class can’t just fail a test and complain for the teacher to eventually curve it. you can’t talk your teacher out of modifying any assignments.

now i have to actually know what i’m doing and remember it because if i fail an assignment it’s completely my fault for not ensuring i understood the subject well enough before doing assignments.

that being said, in online school i AM able to take more time in classes but it's still to a certain degree. you still have deadlines and everything. ALSO the fact that you have more time to spend on subjects is both a pro and a con because you have even more time to get behind in classes. i may spend 5 hours on just my math lesson for the day, leaving the other 6 lessons for that day that i need to get done, that carry into the next day because i didn't finish them.

you'd think that I'd have a ton of free time with online school, but i spend so much more time doing school that i ever have in my entire life.

follow me ;)


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