Hey Everybody,

So this is Day 2 of the 30 day challenge and I just want to thank you for the 25 hearts on my last one I really appreciate it, and if you haven't read my Day 1 here it is and have a look see.

So Let me tell you my 3 BIGGEST FEARS..

1. Feeling Unwanted: This fear originated from the lack of my father in my life, I mean I had my moms side of the family they always showed me love and affection but just deep down I felt unwanted and I never knew where it came from. so when like I hang around my friends with my sister and the gravitate more towards my sister and leave me on the side, or my sister leave me by myself to hang with her friends and never hangs out with me it scares me.

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2. Being Paralyzed: It's weird because you can't move anything at all and I get theses thing where my mind wakes up before my body does and I can't move anything and I freak out and I try to move before I actually start moving, if that makes sense.

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3 Trypophobia: is a proposed phobia of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps; But I think its soo gross to me it just freaks me out like hole are suppose to be there yet they are... it literally makes my skin crawl just thinking or looking at a picture of it.

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this is completely DISGUSTING!

So that was my 3 fears I hope these aren't your fears and do this challenge so everyone could know about you #whichallenge