Chapter 27

I rolled my eyes at the comment, “I’m sorry, but being rudely interrupted in my sleep makes me irritated, so could you just get to the point?”
“Fine. I’m calling you because I have some inside information about the Eternal Knights. I don’t like what they are doing to you, and I want to help. Meet me at the library tomorrow at noon?” Raliki actually sounded sincere, but I never knew nowadays.
“How can I know this isn’t a trap?”
Raliki paused, “How about this: you say karils and see that I’m telling the truth.”
“You know magic?” I must’ve sounded very surprised because he chuckled on the other end.
“Just say it.”
“Okay. Karils.” An image appeared in front of me of a boy with short brown hair, hazel eyes hidden behind a pair of thin glasses, standing in a phone booth. It was hard to make him out in the dim light, but I could see he was wearing dark wash jeans, feet covered by worn-down plaid gray tennis shoes, with a plain white t-shirt showing beneath an all black Letterman jacket with no lettering. He seemed a little on the short side, maybe an inch or less below me, but that’s not to say he was attractive. He smiled right at the image, and it seemed he was looking right into my eyes. He spoke into the phone and I heard him through mine.
“You can see that I’m not anywhere near any of them, in a creepy old phone booth with dim lighting. If that isn’t enough proof, than I’m not sure what is,” his face was serious, but with his tone I had to giggle a little. That brought a smile to his face, and it made me happy to see him smile.
“Okay, Raliki, I’ll see you at the library,” I answered and he grinned into the image.
“Goodnight Amberlin.”
“’Night Raliki.”
I hung up the phone and the image disappeared, leaving me in the dark living room. The sudden darkness nearly blinded me, so I turned on my phone to check the time. 1:37 am.
“Good, I still have a lot of hours to sleep before this meeting with Raliki,” I sighed and returned to my comfortable position and fell back asleep. I was hoping for a contact from Emmiale and the others, but instead came a nightmare.
_I was standing on a street corner; one lamp flickered on the opposite corner from me. Dark, thick clouds swirled above me, seeming to take away any shred of light from the full moon. I decided to walk down the center of the street, with the typical newspaper and litter blowing across in the wind. I came to a building, looked like the courthouse, and I entered, since it was the only building that looked as though someone was in it, because all the lights were on. I walked in, my shoes tapping the marble floor. I came to a large wooden double door, and I pulled on the rod iron handles. And I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Before me stood a room, a half room actually—the second half was just pure darkness. In the middle of the black hole and the normal room was a throne and six chairs, three on each side. Each chair held a man, not old men, but not young ones either. I scanned my eyes over them and in the second chair in from the right sat Hanile, Calimo and Jaco’s father, as well as my murderer._

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