Chapter 26
“You two have more drama than our whole high school put together!” Sashay flicked my head from the front seat. I murmured something to get her off my back, but I was in my own world. The mixture of emotions was confusing; I was transferring from being happy to sad to angry and back to happy again. This wasn’t too usual for me, but having it be over a boy…well that was new. My phone vibrated twice, indicating a text,
C: Bye princess
And reading those two words sent shivers down my spine. The ones where you know a person hit a nerve, and found a weakness. I didn’t know it was a weakness until it happened. I always wanted to be a princess, even “daddy’s little princess”, but since my dad had passed away a long time ago, that was never an option. But this, this made it seem almost possible, like I could be his princess—and I sure wanted to be. This boy had got me good. There were times I wished he didn’t know how to get to me; other times I loved that he did.

Sometimes I wondered if we were taking things too fast, considering we had never been on a date or officially a couple. I decided I’d have fun while it lasted, however long that may be. I thought there could be a chance I was just a phase; he’d get bored and then dump me in a ditch of tears. And that, I didn’t need.
“Hey! Heeeyyyy?!?” Cheri waved her hand in my face. I snapped awake and the girls pointed at the cabin. “We’re here, honey.” I nodded my head and climbed out of the van, leaning on Cheri to hobble up the path. Sashay turned the key and pushed the door open, leading Cheri and I inside. I collapsed on the couch and propped up my foot, while I rubbed my temples. After the whole incident with Calimo I just felt drained. I looked at the stairs and groaned, deciding the couch was better than trying to tackle those at the moment.

“I think I’ll stay down here, girls. Go on up to bed, I’ll see you in the morning,” I said, laboriously moving into a more comfortable position. The girls gave a chorus of goodnights, and Sashay flicked off the lights. I reread Calimo’s message and smiled, figuring out what to say back.
A: Bye Romeo
After clicking send, I settled down to a laying position on the couch, covering myself with a blanket left over from the fort we created. I plugged my phone into the port and set it on the side table, making sure the sound was on, just in case something happened.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I remember being rudely awakened by the sound of my blaring ringtone. I fumbled around, not realizing where I was, but being able to grasp my phone and answer it before I woke up the girls.
“Hello?” I hadn’t even gotten a chance to see who was calling; my vision had been so blurry.
“Hello,” a silky voice answered on the other end. I mentally began to run the voice through my head, and nothing came up.
“Who am I speaking to?” I politely asked, still partially delirious from the abrupt awakening.
“I’m sorry, sir, but I think you have the wrong number. I don’t know you,” I answered, pulling the phone away from my ear and just before I clicked end, he spoke.
“Yes, but I know you, Amberlin.”

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