Chapter 24

I awoke in the dark surrounded by blankets and snacks. Cheri and Sashay had passed out as well, with Cheri snoring softly. I realized I was burning up in the sheets, so I untangled myself and crawled out of the fort. Someone had turned off the TV, and it seemed half of the fort had collapsed as well. I pulled the sheets back over the chair and headed into the kitchen; I was craving something substantial to eat. Finding some turkey meat and cheese, I made myself a sandwich, while trying not to make noise. I was not successful. I ended up hitting my hip on the counter, then tripping over my feet, and ending up hitting the floor with a thud. Feet pounded the floor and the kitchen light was switched on.
“What are you doing on the floor?” Sashay asked, barely covering her smile. I pushed myself up with the ankle that wasn’t twisted and glared at her.
“The floor needed a hug,” I said rolling my eyes and hitting her arm. “Ouch, that really hurt.”
“Let me see,” Cheri entered behind Sashay and gestured to a chair.
“No, it’s not that bad.”
“Shush your mouth and sit,” Cheri pulled up my leg and, I have to say, it did not look so good. My ankle was purple and swollen.
“How did it get that bad, just by me twisting it?” I reached down and lightly touched my ankle, and tried not to cry out. I’m pretty injury prone, if you hadn’t noticed. The girl’s just looked at me and laughed.
“It just seems pain finds you,” Cheri said not even concealing her smirk.
“I’d rather have something else find me, like sweets.”
Sashay and Cheri helped me to the couch and propped up my foot. Sashay began to gather some things and disappeared upstairs. “What do you want to bring?” I heard her call out.
“What do you mean?”
“Of course we’re taking you to the hospital, and we don’t know if they’ll hold you overnight, so what do you want to bring?” I could just feel the roll in her eyes.
“I don’t need to go to the hospital!”
“Just tell me!” I rattled off some clothes and of course a toothbrush and Sashay soon reappeared with a small bag. She and Cheri then helped me back up and we walked to the car. I sat in the back with my foot raised, and we headed off. I was still whining about the hospital, and the girls just tuned me out by blaring the radio. Every time the car hit a bump, I would cringe at the pain. My ankle didn’t seem to be getting better, and it was definitely swollen. I didn’t want to admit it, but it did seem I needed to go. We headed down the hill, and following the directions on Cheri’s phone, we found a hospital relatively close to us. Sashay drove up to the front and Cheri got out.

“I’ll wait in the car,” she said and we both nodded, knowing she didn’t like hospitals.
“Just don’t ruin the battery!” I yelled as she pulled away. She waved me off and Cheri helped me hobble into the hospital. There was a wait time of about fifteen minutes so we sat down on a couch, and waited. Around us were a few people consisting of an elderly lady with a younger man, probably her son, a young boy and his mom, and a teenage girl. The elderly woman seemed to be having trouble breathing, and her son was looking down on her worried. The boy was holding his arm, and it was sitting at a bad angle. His face seemed upset, and his mother didn’t seem too happy with him. The teenage girl was holding her head and looking at her phone constantly, checking her surroundings. It made me think she was waiting for someone, so I focused on the girl. I heard the elderly woman get called, and then the boy and we still waited. The girl was getting more anxious, finally standing up and pacing the room. She nibbled her fingernails and checked her phone again. I was just about to ask her what was wrong, when a doctor came out.
“Kailas?” The doctor said and she ran right over.
“How is he? How is my Calimo?” She said, clutching the end of her braid. I felt my jaw drop and shook my head. No, it couldn’t be him. Not my Calimo. Why was he here? I focused my ears to listen to their dropped voices.
“He’s going to be okay. He’ll have some scars from the wounds, but he’ll live,” the doctor smiled at her and I felt relief wash over Kailas.
“Can I see him?” She asked urgently, and he nodded leading her to the room.
“Come on! Let’s go,” I said pulling Cheri up with me. She looked at me confused, but I just pointed in the direction of Kailas and she seemed to understand. We snuck passed the nurse and followed at a safe distance. The doctor turned the corner, and we peered around and he and Kailas had stopped at a door. He opened the door for her, and left. He came back around the corner and we just pretended to know someone there, and he left. We went around the corner and approached the door. As we got closer, I could see the room had a window. Cheri let me go ahead; bracing me from behind and I peered into the window.

My Calimo was lying on a hospital bed, attached to an IV and a heart rate monitor. His heart rate seemed okay, and since he was sitting up in bed, I was relieved. Kailas was standing there, and she slowly sat down on his bed, close to him. I felt jealousy in my chest. I didn’t realize I was the jealous-type. She reached out her hand and closed it around his fingers. He smiled at something she said, and I felt pain in my chest. Then she reached over and pulled up the shirt he was wearing. I was near boiling point, until I saw a medical wrap around his entire stomach. I instantly softened. What had he done that made him end up in the hospital?

Calimo POV
Sitting in the hospital was not what I wanted. Neither was Kailas sitting on my bed, touching me. I was angry and upset, and she was not making this better.
“Calimo, why’d you do it?” Kailas placed her hand over mine. I was itching to pull away, but I thought I’d entertain her for awhile. The love of my life was dead, and I held the only part of her left with me.
“I was just fed up with my life that’s all.”
“Aren’t you glad I saved you?” She smiled all sweetly and I smiled back, but inside I was not happy. The one chance I could get with Amberlin in heaven or something, and she ruins it for me. I can’t believe she actually liked me, since I never showed attraction to her, unless she read signs really wrong. She then reached over and pulled up my shirt, which I almost hit her for. Why would you touch somebody like that, even if you liked them? “It looks better. At least the cuts aren’t bleeding anymore.” I looked down at my hand and it was covered in a bandage too.

“Did I cut my hand when I was stabbing my stomach?” I asked and she seemed shocked at what I said, like she wasn’t expecting me to say I tried to kill myself. She nodded and pulled away from me, obviously disturbed. I instantly thought about Amberlin’s key and felt around for it. Now that it wasn’t attached to my heart, I knew I had to be careful.
“Looking for this?” Kailas pulled out my key and waved it in front of my face. “It’s so decorative, I like it.”
“Oh, I bought that at a garage sale. It’s like my good luck charm,” I lied instantly. Good thing I had been taught how to lie, because she just accepted it and handed it back to me. I sighed once it was back in my palm and I held on to it tightly. This was not something I would be losing soon. Kailas had moved closer again, and I almost pushed her away. She leaned close to my face and kissed my cheek. I tensed and when she pulled away, it seemed she didn’t notice.

“I love you, Calimo,” she said blushing.
I finally had to say something, “But, I don’t love you.” She didn’t seem to hear me, or hear the ‘don’t’. She squealed and smiled and I just grew confused.
“Let’s get married!” She announced standing up and she pulled a ring from her pocket, and placed it on her ring finger.
“No, let’s not!” I said, louder this time. She didn’t seem to hear anything negative I said. “The Eternal Knights had something to do with this, didn’t they?” She didn’t answer and was just admiring her ring. I saw a flash in the window and I just saw a glimpse of blonde hair before the person was gone. “Amberlin.”

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