Chapter 22

The other realm. It didn’t actually seem like another realm, because I realized it wasn’t. I was standing in the forest, right where I was killed. There was no one around, so I became very confused. But suddenly I saw Calimo appear, and my face grew into a smile. I began to run toward him, but then I realized he was with someone. The person walked out of the shadows and I backed up in surprise. It was me. I was in the past. I watched myself turn and tell Calimo we couldn’t be together. And now I could see that Jaco had pulled Calimo away from me. I watched as Hanile came out and saw Calimo come running out and watch me get shot. I could see the terror on his face and he ran over to my body and pressed on my wound. I ran over to him and tried to yell in his ear, but he didn’t hear me. I crouched on the ground next to him and watched as free tears fell from his face when he knew I was gone. Hanile was laughing and Jaco was distraught. Jaco came over to Calimo and touched his shoulder but Calimo shoved him away.
“Get away from me! This is all your fault! She wouldn’t be dead if I was here!” Calimo yelled and Hanile tisked his tongue.
“No, she’d still be dead,” He said. Calimo tore his longing look from my dead body’s face and glared at his father.
“No, she wouldn’t. You would’ve had to kill me to get to her,” Calimo said grasping my hand. Hanile looked down at his son with a frown.
“You actually fell in love with this, this killer?” Hanile stuttered. Calimo shot up and his hand went right for his father’s throat.
“Don’t you ever call her a killer again! Got it?” Hanile’s face began to turn purple and he nodded. Calimo let go and returned to my side, while Hanile sank to the ground clutching his now-bruised neck. “And yes I did. We were going to get married…”Calimo trailed off and glanced at the ring he had given me. Hanile’s eyes widened and he looked at Jaco, who shrugged his shoulders. I wanted to reach out and assure Calimo I was alright, but I knew he couldn’t hear or see me. I felt tears glisten my face once again; I never cried this much. Maybe once every three or four months, but in the last few days I had cried more than I had in a year. I looked at my dead body, and it was weird being able to see myself ‘sleep’. Other than the blood all over from the gunshot wounds, I actually seemed peaceful. My eyes ended up being closed, my hair was spread out around my head, not to boast, but I kind of looked like Sleeping Beauty. And Calimo was holding my left hand as if he’d never let go. Hanile and Jaco tried to pull him up, but Calimo became dead weight. They then tried to talk to him, but Calimo ignored them. They finally gave up and left him there, kneeling beside me. He didn’t move for hours, and as he watched my body, I watched him. Finally, he shifted and brought out a piece of paper from his back pocket. It was slightly crumpled, but the black ink still stood out from the page. With tears in his eyes he began to read:

“The key to my heart is one of a kind
You give me yours, I’ll give you mine
We’ll love until the day we die
And may we forever fly
For any others who may come between
Let them lie, and let them glean
How our love is everlasting”

The pocket of my pajamas on my body began to glow amber, as did Calimo’s chest, which glowed red, where his heart was. My key came out of my pocket and a key came out of his heart. I still held the one I found in my pocket and it all made sense. The key I held in my hand was the key to his heart. Calimo and I still seemed to trade keys even though I didn’t say the incantation with him. His key was projected out of his heart, and he seemed surprised at the intricacy of his key. He reached out to grab it, but it eluded his grasp. He then took in my key, since he hadn’t seen it yet. He reached out to grab it and it willingly went towards him, while his key headed towards me. He studied my key, and I knew his eyes lingered on the crown. I guess no one knew I was the descendant of Emmiale, but I’m sure somehow the Eternal Knights would find out. Probably around the same time they find out I was alive. The glowing amber and red lights faded away when his key entered my pocket, and my key entered his hand. Now his key was mine, and my key was his. We would forever be together, no matter how far apart, or died we may be.
“Well Amberlin, even though you are now gone, I will hold on to this as a reminder of our love. I will never love anyone else,” he hugged my key to his chest, and instead of my key entering his heart, it stayed in his hand, just as his had done to mine. So now both of our keys were outside our bodies. That meant if someone got a hold of my key, which was now Calimo’s, they could control him too.

“No, no, no! I don’t want him to go through want I’ve gone through. The key has to enter his heart. You’ll be controlled!” I yelled. Calimo didn’t know the danger he was in, and I couldn’t warn him of it. Calimo looked up, and since I was sitting across from him, it looked as though he was looking directly at me.
“I’m sorry, Amberlin. The sun, it’s coming up. And you look so peaceful. I will leave you now, but in spirit I was always be with you,” he leaned down and kissed my lips. Then he stood up and with one last look down at my body, he turned and left, disappearing into the trees. And when I could no longer hear his footsteps, my body awakened. If I had been one minute earlier I would’ve caught him and told him I was okay.

“Oh, why couldn’t I have woken up earlier?” I moaned. I closed my eyes and when I reopened them, I was back in my bathroom. I sighed and looked down at the key and ring in my hand. I slipped the ring back on my finger, and the key I set on the counter. I continued to finish what I was doing before, cleaning myself up. I took a very long shower, and spent a lot of time pondering in my closet on what to wear, even though I was just going to hang around the cabin. I finally settled on sweats, which was what I was going to wear anyway. I pulled on the clothes and put my new key in the pocket of the sweats. I walked to my door and stood in front of it without opening it. I was scared to tell them all what happened, but they deserved to know what they had got in to. I took a deep breath and pulled open the door, and headed back downstairs. The girls were waiting for me in the living room, Sashay with an angry look on her face and Cheri with a relieved one. It felt as if we had done this before, but I was still nervous. I sat down on the couch and the two of them leaned forward.
“Ok, long story short, Calimo proposed, I said yes, we left, Calimo’s dad shot me and I died, my savoir Leomoean Nerospi revived me, Calimo and I switched keys and now we are together forever,” I spit out and the girls had their mouths hanging open.
“Ok, make the short story, long,” Sashay said and I rolled my eyes, but did it anyway. When I was finished, I glanced at the clock and realized it had taken me almost an hour to get through it all. The girls still seemed even more stunned than they were before.
“Well, that’s a large adventure for one night,” Cheri said leaning back against the couch. Sashay nodded her head and held out her hand. I figured out she wanted to see the ring, so I handed it to her. Cheri scooted closer to her and they admired the ring. It felt weird not having it on my finger so as soon as they gave it back, I slipped it right back on.

“So, if Calimo doesn’t know you are alive, what are you going to do?” Sashay asked warily. I sighed and pulled my knees to my chest. “If you’re engaged, you need to get married, but mostly he needs to know that you’re alive!”
“I think for awhile, its best that he doesn’t know. He might unwillingly lead his family to me, and next time, I don’t think Nerospi can save me. I don’t want him to experience that pain again,” I put my forehead against my knees. “Or for me to lose him again,” I whispered to myself. The girls began talking amongst themselves for what I could do and I kind of hated they were talking about what I should do with my life. “Just stop, you guys. I’ll figure this out when I get to it. Right now I just want to not think about Calimo or the Eternal Knights or being Key’d. Let’s just watch some TV, eat junk food, and chatter like teenage girls who have nothing to worry about, okay?” The girls looked at each other and turned to nod at me.
“Let’s talk about all the school we are missing!” Cheri said with a laugh. We all giggled and grabbed all the food we could and brought out all the blankets we had in the house. We then proceeded to make a huge fort and just put on the TV and sat and discussed homework and outfits. It was nice to pretend nothing else was happening, or pretending I hadn’t just died less than twelve hours ago. We just sat around and chatted like there was no tomorrow, which in my case, there might not be. I enjoyed the time, but of course nothing could stay good for long in my life.

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