Hello Dreamers! This is actually my second article today, but I am bored so I decided to write another one! I might have already done this challenge, and if so, I am going to redo it. Here it is; the #ThisIsMeChallenge...


bob, hair, and curly image fashion, adidas, and outfit image adidas, fashion, and shoes image fashion, jeans, and style image converse, camera, and photography image beach, blonde, and city image


green, plants, and leaves image beach, blue, and cold image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image kench image


laia lopez and itslopez image book, photo, and photography image pencil, weekend, and pink image girl, fashion, and summer image music, vintage, and indie image gym, gymnastics, and idea image
My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, music, biking and gymnastics.

Favourite Season

city and new york image forest, nature, and wander image autumn, fall, and city image autumn and landscape image autumn, coffee, and fall image autumn, girl, and fall image


animal, cute, and bunny image animal, cute, and bunny image dog, cute, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image Image by MM flowers, deer, and animal image bird, animal, and eagle image animal, hedgehog, and cute image
Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Parrots, Does, Eagles and Hedgehogs


australia, beauty, and brunette image girl, youtube, and sarah betts image emma watson, beautiful, and actress image emma watson, smile, and harry potter image
Sarah Betts and Emma Watson


quotes, happy, and positive image 2016, goals, and living image quotes, yellow, and progress image quotes, good, and colors image

That finishes this article off. Hope you guys enjoyed, make sure to go check out my article collection below!

Amearli xoxo