Chapter 20

Sometimes the hardest choice is the right one. I felt I needed to die to save my friends and family, so I allowed myself to slip away, even though I really didn't want to. I drifted away through the darkness, little lights twinkling above.
"Stars," I whispered. There was no bright light, just a few hundred thousand stars, forming constellations. I tried to find my favorite, Orion's Belt, but I couldn't. That confused me. "I can always find it," I said laying on my back and running my eyes over the stars again. Nope, no Orion's Belt. I was surprised when some of the stars began to light up brighter than the others. The stars were rearranging themselves, forming another constellation. They moved to the middle of my "sky" and stars around them brightened up too. They all formed people and soon names started to appear in the sky below them.
"Jarchi, Famil, Hane, Lieno..." I began to read off. I felt my surprise at the next three, "Kineri, Seian, Emmiale." I lay in wonder, gaping at the names in front of me. "These must be the past Key'd people." There was still one name missing, the constellation in the middle, the stars brighter than the rest. A name slowly appeared. "Amberlin." I read off, amazed. Sitting up in the darkness, I looked around. Nothing but the stars stared at me. "I don't want to die," I looked down at my clothes, dressed once again in my white dress. Feeling my abdomen where I was shot, there was nothing. No hole, no blood, no bullet. "I must already be dead then." Just then, a bright light did pop up and I covered my eyes against the brightness. And when I reopened them I saw the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. Emmiale was right, Leomoeans were beautiful.

"Hello, my name is Nerospi. I am your Leomoean," he stated, loud and confident. His entire body was amber, different shades all over. He looked much like a real lion, close to the same colors as lions, except he had a more human look about him. His face was tight with some wrinkles, his eyes full of wisdom and appreciation. He looked almost human, except the fact he wasn't and had a large lion body. I understood why my eyes had the line they had, it was because of him. He descended from his high point and met me on the "ground". Even standing next to me, me being 5'8", he was still at least a foot larger. All I could think was to run over and hug his neck. I felt a rumble and I knew it was Nerospi laughing.
"If you would like, I would love if you came over and gave me a hug," Nerospi said and gestured with his paw. I slowly headed toward him, my eyes locking on his own. I stood in front of him and he raised his head slightly, and I went for it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled my face into his luscious mane. I felt another rumble and I smiled at his laughter.

"Now child, I'll tell you why I'm here." I reluctantly pulled away and sat down on the ground. Nerospi did the same, his tail tickling my face as he did. I giggled and watched Nerospi curl and turn to face me. "You can tell you have died, can't you?" I nodded my head and he nodded back. "Good, but this is not your destiny. You are not supposed to die; others yes, you no. Yes, you will eventually die, but you must save others first." I must've had a bewildered look on my face because Nerospi repeated himself. "Amberlin, you are important to the people of this world. Especially to your friends and family and Calimo," my eyes widened at his name and I shook my head.
"No, he tricked me, leading me to his father," I answered with anger. It was hard for me to tell, but it seemed Nerospi smiled at my anger.
"No he didn't Amberlin. He didn't realize you had passed you're boundary. It's your destiny to be with him, change the world, with each other's help." I nodded my head, still not believing him. Nerospi went on, "So you're probably wondering why I'm here."
"Yes, I am. If you just came to say that, I can't do much from my position," I gestured to the blackness and stars.
"I'm here to revive you," he simply said. "You cannot die." I smiled big, but it faltered when I thought about it.
"How are you going to do that? You can't really be that powerful," I mumbled and Nerospi chuckled.
"I am. Now, stand up," he commanded and I did what he said. "Come over to me." I approached him and he looked into my eyes. "Now close your eyes and activate your power."
"Activate my power? I don't know how to do that," I said, with my eyes open. He growled and I quickly shut my eyes. "I must have to reach into my core, like I did with the words." I whispered. I calmed myself and searched my mind for my core. I found it and quickly said, "Nerospi, I activated it."
"Okay now just focus on living. Use your power and I will help with mine," Nerospi said. I felt him enter into my mind and my body rushed with the power he was sending me.
I felt myself returning to my body but I quickly asked, "Nerospi what are you known for?" I felt him smile.

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