Chapter 18

I sat there speechless. I was not expecting him to do that. He was looking at me expectantly. Finally I came up with an answer.
"Yes," I answered. "Yes, yes, yes!" I yelled leaning over to hug him. He let me hug him and when he pulled away smiling, he crashed his lips into mine. This kiss was.....magical. I could feel us rising in the room because of my powers. I didn't let him go, snuggling closer while we still kissed. We had to break it apart when we couldn't breathe anymore, and we had hit the ceiling. Calimo was still holding the box, so he took out the ring and slipped it on my ring finger. It was beautiful; a white diamond set in simple silver band. I held on to him and started pulling us back to the ground. Calimo stopped me.
"How about we fly around for awhile?" He asked mischievously. I nodded smiling and reached for his hand. We intertwined our fingers and I opened the window, while we flew out. I knew the girls would chew me out when I got back for leaving but I didn't care. I felt funny wearing pajamas while we flew around. I commented on it and Calimo stopped me.

"You've never looked more beautiful;" he smiled and lifted his hand to my cheek.
"Even more than the night we first met?" I teased pulling him around with me as we glided over trees.
"Even then," he chuckled and stopped me in the air. "My lady, would you like to dance?" He bowed and I curtsied back with my imaginary skirt.
"Of course," I placed my hand on his arm and our fingers stayed together. And we danced to imaginary music. He spun me and when I came back he pulled me close and we kissed. My ring was sparkling in the moonlight and every time I glanced at it, I involuntarily smiled. By then we had danced very far from the cabin.
"Calimo," I stopped realizing how too-good-to-be-true this was. "How can we? You're an Eternal Knight and I'm Key'd. We can't do this," I pulled away from him and we sank to the ground. I turned my back to him and waited for him to agree.
"Calimo?" I turned back around. He was gone and I was alone in the forest. "Calimo!" I said a little louder. No answer. I felt someone behind me and I whipped around.
"Hi, Princess," an unknown man said to me. I backed away.
"This was a trap, this was all a trap," I cursed myself for my foolishness. The man nodded.
"Calimo doesn't love you. Why would he have come to your house other than to get you out of your boundary lines? Your magic is powerful, but it's not refined," the man stepped more into the light. Tell-tale green eyes stared back at me.
"You're Calimo's and Jaco's father aren't you?" I asked sneering.
"I see you figured it out. Yes I am, my name is Hanile, and I am here to kill you."

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