Chapter 12

“Let’s go over everything once more,” Cheri said holding up her checklist. Both Sashay and I groaned, and Cheri started reading. “We’ve got 1 month of clothes for the each of us, a total of about 3 thousand dollars, and some junk food to last us through long drives, toiletries, technology with plugs, and the keys to our houses, just in case we need to sneak back for more supplies.”
“So where are we going?” Sashay asked turning around on my bed to look at me.
“Well, remember that cabin I took you guys to when we were about nine?” I paused and they nodded. “That’s where we are going. It’s far enough away to be safe, but not too far, just in case,” I smiled but Cheri didn’t seem convinced.
“Are you sure it’s safe?” Cheri was looking at me intently.
“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it since I was told we needed to get away. No one but my mom and I know where it is and that it’s ours. I left a note on the fridge telling mom not to worry and not to look for me, but I added ‘I went to the place where only you know’, and she’ll know. I tried to explain what happened so I hope she gets it,” I smiled and Cheri looked reassured.

“Is there a washer and dryer there? I don’t remember” Sashay asked looking at our pile of clothes. I nodded.
“There are also a dishwasher, Jacuzzi, three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and TV’s in each bedroom and in the living room,” I stated while giggling.
“Well, it definitely wasn’t that big the last time we went!” Cheri exclaimed and Sashay nodded.
“Well, we’ve added a little since then,” I smirked and Sashay and Cheri’s mouths were in big smiles.
“Well then, let’s get moving!” Sashay bounced out of my bed and grabbed her suitcase. We all headed down the stairs pulling our overstuffed suitcases. We went by the kitchen and grabbed our three grocery bags full of food. I stepped outside and made sure that there wasn’t anyone in the street planning on following us. We had waited until the sun went down. I signaled to the other girls and they began running out with our stuff. We started quickly stacking our bags in the back of my old powder blue Volkswagen van that Mom had bought and sent to me yesterday as a yay-I-got-signed-for-this-book-and-now-we-have-more-money-so-here-you-go present. She always bought me something when her next book got signed, and since I had gotten my license a few months ago, she bought me this car. I had always wanted to travel in an old van like this and she knew that. I had sent her an email thanking her and she told me she was glad I liked it. Once all our stuff was in, I got in the front seat.
“Ok, which one of you wants to lie in the back where the mattress is?” There was just enough room for us to slip in my trundle bed twin mattress. We had to lay all of the seats down for the suitcases and stuff, so the mattress was where we were going to hold the third person.
“I’ll go,” Cheri volunteered climbing in through the passenger side and between the seats and landed with a huff. “This bed isn’t too bad!” She grabbed some blankets we had packed and arranged them for her to be comfortable. Sashay climbed in and sat down, pulling on her seat belt and latching it.
“Everyone ready?” I asked. A little chorus of ‘ready’s came back and me and I turned on the engine. It roared quietly into life and I backed out of the driveway. I took one last glance at my house and we headed away to the cabin.

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