I usually just wear whatever I pull randomly out of my closet and think "okay that's good enough". I honestly never put a lot of thought into what I wear because to me it doesn't matter but that doesn't mean I hate fashion, I actually love shopping idk if I got my point across or if it makes sense but what i'm trying to say is I don't care about dressing nice but I still like to. Does any of this make sense? probably not do I care? no.

Anyways...my style I guess

girl, girl power, and yellow image

but not the pants no thanks.

adidas, fashion, and jeans image

can adults stop making fun of my pants that I buy with holes in them? it's cool, it's not a phase mom!

fashion, girl, and grunge image

band t-shirts and flannels aka 98% of my wardrobe.

cool, grunge, and hipster image

I have so many shirts along the lines of this but it describes me perfectly.

harry potter and hogwarts image

a lot of harry potter stuff...

converse, black, and shoes image

and finally the only brand of shoes I wear...I own 5 pairs of converse.