Chapter 9

The truth was Jaco did know exactly who she was, but he didn’t want his brother falling for a Key’d person. Calimo was not supposed to like her. It wasn’t his destiny.
“Calimo, there is something we need to reveal to you,” Jaco reached down to pull his brother up. Calimo’s knee was still bleeding so Jaco led him to one of the benches. Calimo sat down and Jaco began to wrap his leg with a handkerchief he had with him.
“Did you just say ‘we’?” Calimo questioned uncertainly. Jaco nodded and wiped his hands on the grass below them.
“I am a part of a secret association called the Eternal Knights. And so are you,” Jaco began to explain and Calimo’s eyes bulged.
“I never signed up for whatever you said, the Eternal Knights?” Calimo shook his head.
“But you are because you are in this family. For generations, our family, along with many others, has been inducted as Eternal Knights. You aren’t quite old enough yet to be let in on the secret but because of your situation…” Jaco trailed off leaving Calimo confused.
“What situation?” Calimo looked up at his brother. Jaco sighed and ran his hands through his hair.
“You know that girl you came here with?” Calimo nodded at Jaco’s statement. “Well, she’s a Key’d person.” This made Calimo even more confused.
“What had that got to do anything? And what the heck is a Key’d person?”Calimo demanded.
“Ok well sit back, because this is going to take awhile,” Jaco watched as Calimo adjusted himself and stoically placed his hands in his lap. Jaco slouched a little, losing some of his masculinity as he placed both his hands on the bench for support.
“Let’s begin.”

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