Chapter 8

“It’s the key to my heart.”
I had never seen so many emotions rush through a persons’ face before. First disbelief, then acceptance, confusion, surprise and finally he settled on just smiling but his face did not portray anything he was thinking. And that made me worried. I quickly stood up and wiped the tears off my face, I could hear Charming getting closer—he was yelling the only thing her knew to call me by.
“You should go,” Jaco’s face grew taught as he heard Charming’s yelling. “He doesn’t know who you are?”
“How did you know?”
“I saw what you did with the floating dancing. That was pretty awesome…” He trailed off trying to force a smile. “I watched it fall from the two of you, so I picked it up, waiting for either of you to come to see if it was yours. But quickly, why did you tell me?” He was confused, but his eyes seemed soft as he handed back my key. “Why didn’t you just say it was the key to your house or something? Why did you tell me you’re one of the Key’d people?”

“I can’t refuse to do anything you say, question, or demand when you are holding my key. It binds me in service to whoever touches of holds it.” I answered slowly and gripped the key as if my life depended on it, which it kind of did. He nodded in sort of an understanding way. Charming was getting closer; I could hear his hard breathing.
“I can’t go back to him now….” I realized with shock. “He’ll probably ask too many questions, and I don’t want Charming to know about why I ran away.” He cocked his head at the nickname, and I shook it off.
“You should go, if you are trying to get away from him,” Jaco pushed me a little to get me going. I flashed him a grateful smile before rounding the corner of the building and taking off for my house.
Jaco stood running his hands through his hair making it stand up. He could hear Amberlin’s pursuer getting closer. All of a sudden the follower came around the corner and Jaco put out his arm to stop him.
“Jaco? Did you see the girl run by here? Did you?” The man was gripping his knee in pain. He tried to put weight on it again but this time it didn’t hold his weight and he fell down. Jaco bent down and to look at the man’s leg. It was bleeding profusely so Jaco applied pressure to slow the bleeding.
“Oh Calimo, what are we going to do with you?” Jaco sympathetically looked down at his younger brother.
“Did you know her?” Calimo asked excitedly, trying to get up again. Jaco gently pushed him down and shook his head.
“No, it was too dark. I truly didn’t know who she was.” Jaco said realizing he didn’t know it was Amberlin, all he knew was that it looked like her. “She kind of looked like one of the girls I brought here. I don’t remember her name…” Calimo glared at him and Jaco shrugged his shoulders.
“I just don’t know.”

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