Chapter 7

We had been in the party for a couple hours—I was watching Sashay dance with Jaco; they never took their eyes off each other, just changing pace with whatever music came on. Cheri was never alone for any dance; every single guy in the house was practically drooling over her and fighting whenever a new song came on. I was standing near the door and watched the crowd. Anytime a guy would look like he was coming to talk to me I’d quickly step outside and stand behind a tree. I really didn’t want to like another guy and then forget about Charming. He was wonderful, and tonight was just for him. I patted my thigh, confirming my key was there and decided to take a walk around the garden because I still had some time before 9 o’ clock. I hopped from one stepping stone to another giggling at myself. I stopped at the roses and bent down to smell them—purposely slipping off my heels in the process. I dug my toes into the dirt and tilted my face to the moon. It bathed my skin and I closed my eyes. I always felt the most comfortable under the moon and stars, and out in nature.
“You’re the girl from my dream,” I heard a deep voice behind me. It sounded husky and low and it sent chills down my spine.
“Excuse me?” I asked without turning around.
“I…I…had a dream about you a few nights ago. In this exact situation, you were standing like that looking at the moon. I’m supposed to save you,” I gulped.
“Charming,” I whispered. I slowly turned around and was met by a tall, built man with green eyes. He was dressed in a black suit with a thin black tie. His mask was black and white checkered and he held a purple rose.
“Did you just call me Charming?” He asked with a smile twitching at his lips. I blushed and he smiled big. “Ams?” He stood up taller. “You’re the one I’m supposed to save and the one I think I’m umm...” He trailed off and blushed and I figured out the rest “The one I think I love.” He handed me the flower and it smelt like sweetpea and lavender—just like Jaco’s, but Jaco didn’t have green eyes. I smelt it and smiled. Charming reached out for my hand and I let him take it. I locked my fingers in his, and carried my rose and my heels in the other.
“How about you just take off your mask and I take off mine?” He asked stopping me. I gently pulled away and shook my head. “Well, if you don’t take off yours, I won’t take off mine.”
We walked hand in hand around the garden. We reached a window and a slow song was starting inside. He pulled me in close and put his hand on my hip and guided me around. I dropped my shoes and my flower next to the wall with the window and we glided away. I felt weightless and soon we were spinning and lost in each others’ eyes. Suddenly Charming broke his gaze and he looked down. He realized we were dance in the air—literally floating in the air. Charming looked at me and smiled.
“This is your doing, isn’t it?” He laughed and we slowly lowered to the ground. I flushed and giggled.
“That’s never happened to me before,” I admitted uncertain how to react.
“You must be special, because that was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen,” He smiled and took my hand and led me down to the lake behind our school. “I made something for us.” Before me was a tent decorated in white lights and flowers. Charming led me around to the front and I gasped. It was a table for two, complete with one red rose in the vase.
“Now, I’m not much of a baker, but I remembered your favorite cake was chocolate soooo,” He lifted a lid and presented the cake with the initials A.M.S. frosted on it. “I’d put your real name on there, but I don’t know it yet.” He gestured to my mask and I shook my head again. Charming cut a piece of cake for both me and him and placed them on the plates. Just as I was about to take a bite of the amazing looking cake, a huge pain burst from my heart.
Someone was holding my key.
I grappled with my dress and felt around for it.
“Ams, are you alright?” Charming stood up as I stumbled to get up. “You look like you’re in pain!” He worried reached for me and I pushed him away.
“I’m so sorry,” Tears came to my eyes as I gathered up my dress and began to run. He tried to run after me, but tripped and fell on a rock, splitting open his knee. He practically cursed, but before he could get up and continue running, I was gone.
I was gasping in pain when I reached the corner of the school and practically ran into someone.
“Woah, you’re going somewhere fast,” I recognized the voice of Jaco. I felt a strong aura emitting off of him.
“You have my key. Give it to me!” I lunged for him.
“Woah, woah you mean this?” Jaco presented it on his palm. I still get awed by the beauty of it. It is silver, with purple, turquoise and pink rhinestones, and it sparkled in the moonlight. It had three tines on one side and two on the other, making up five, my lucky number. It also had two holes decorating the top with a small crown where the holes met; the crown is supposed to be important, but no one actually knows what it means.
I dived for it and he clicked his tongue, while he pulled it away. “You’re gonna have to do something in return. Do the chicken dance,” He laughed, expecting me not to comply. I could feel what would happen if I didn’t so I did it.
“Are you happy now?” I glared.
“I didn’t really expect you to do it.”
“Of course I would. Now just give it!” I practically yelled.
“It can’t be that important,” he smirked.
“You have no idea,” I said under my breath.
“What is it then?” He asked
“Ummm….” I stuttered.
“Tell me what this is,” Jaco demanded, holding the key out upon his flat palm.
“I can’t...I can’t…” I struggled against the force of my body. I felt my body beginning to grow faint, and if I refused much longer, I’d die. I fell to my knees in defeat and looked up with tears in my eyes.
“It’s the key to my heart.”

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