nct u ━ the 7th sense

gif, jaehyun, and taeyong image
“i’m a mess, i don’t even know myself, my future is colored darkly. i’m struggling, coloring this night even blacker.”

zico ft. crush, dean ━ bermuda triangle

crush, zico, and dean image
“this ocean was made from the overflowing of your jealousy. if you jump in cause it looks fun, you’ll be dead.”

agust d ━ give it to me

gif, yoongi, and give it to me image
“don’t touch me, don’t even put your hand on me. you might end up in a coffin if you keep fooling around sloppily.”

jackson wang ━ okay

fire, gif, and okay image
“my life is blindfolded locked up in your shadows, your live with me cropped out of the photos, thinking i don't know.”

j-hope ━ 1 verse

gif, cypher, and kpop image
“i’ll make my haters puke. what goes around comes around, now reap what I’ve sown while favorable comments will make me bow.”

nct u ━ baby don't stop

gif, ten, and taeyong image
“the narrow space between us makes the tension rise. i feel so right, sweeter than ever before.”

seventeen ━ trauma

gif, Seventeen, and vernon image
“now it’s got me singing, singing, singing. stuck in trauma, i just wanna sing. this is my trauma, my trauma.”

jackson wang ━ papillon

gif, got7, and jackson wang image
“all they care about is profit, no, they don’t see me. hustling with my crew all day faithfully, don’t try pull me over for that penalty.”

j-hope ━ airplane

gif, airplane, and bts image
“somebody curses me, their jealously will make them lonely. i'm not worried, it just makes me laugh. drinking champagne in my airplane.”