Chapter 6

I sat in Sashay’s chic room with both her and Cheri standing over me eyeing me down in the mirror at Sashay’s vanity table. I had no make-up on and my hair looked as though I had just gotten out of bed. I wore only a soft, white robe and squirmed under their gaze. Finally Cheri placed a hand on my shoulder and swiveled me around. Then, for the next hour, I was covered, cleared and recovered in make-up, my hair pulled, flattened, curled, flattened, curled and piled on my head, my nails painted, and my skin covered in sweet smelling lotion. Before allowing me to look in the mirror, Sashay pulled out the dress she and Cheri had bought and chosen for me. It was sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice was covered in sliver rhinestones, the most began at the neckline and it slowly lessened down the bodice. The bodice then flowed into the ruffles that cascaded down to the floor. Underneath the fabric, stood a few layers of tool that made the dress poof out like an upside-down rose. The best part was the color—it was light pink, about the same color as a pink daisy. They both always said this was my color, and for once I agreed. I never loved one piece of clothing so fast in my life. I shimmed the dress up and I felt the silk on the inside slide against my newly soft skin. Cheri stood behind me and slowly zipped up the dress. It fit perfectly, and the girls turned me around, but demanded me to close my eyes. I complied and I felt them primp me a little more.
“You can open your eyes,” Sashay said softly as I felt her step away. I took a breath and slowly creaked open my eyes. Before me stood a princess, like a mixture of the beauty of Sleeping Beauty, the grace of Cinderella, and the sweetness of Belle, all wrapped into one. My eyes stood out against my face with light pink eye-shadow and black mascara and eyeliner, my lips were a light pink, and my skin shone in the light. My hair was in ringlet curls, and half was piled on my head with a tiara placed perfectly in front. I felt gorgeous, like I always dreamed I would. Sashay stood beside me grinning like a freak and Cheri’s eyes got a little misty and Cheri handed me my mask. It was the same color as my dress, yet was covered in lace rather than silk, but with the same rhinestones decorating the outline. I pulled it on my face, it covered the skin surrounding my eyes and the bridge of my nose—just enough to hide my identity. As I stood admiring myself, Sashay had disappearing into her closet and came out with a turquoise short prom dress with rhinestones that would show off her legs, and Cheri unzipped her red, simple and long mermaid dress that accentuated her curves. They continued to get ready and I helped with the zipping of the dresses, but mostly the girls told me to stand still and “look pretty”.
“Jaco texted me and said he could take all of us since he rented a limo,” Sashay giggled as she continued to put on her lipstick. Cheri and I glanced at each other and smiled. It was unusual that Sashay would like Jaco so much—she didn’t really like teenager girl love stuff. We heard a distant honk, and Sashay squealed. She dashed down the stairs and ran to the door.
“Sashaaayyy! You kind of forgot something important!” I yelled as I swung her silver pumps and matching mask on my index and middle fingers as I stood at the top of the stairs in her house.
“Throw ‘em down,” Sashay gestured and I tossed them down, barely missing her face. She glared at me and I shrugged.
“You’re the one who told me to throw them,” I smiled and Cheri grabbed my arm, holding her mask in the other, and pulled me down the stairs. Sashay checked herself out in the hallway mirror and gave the two of us once-overs and nodded her head. Taking a breath, she pulled open the door, revealing Jaco in a white suit with a black bowtie, and another white rose with the same sweetpea-lavender smell that drew me toward him like a bumble-bee to a flower. I shook myself clear and smiled when he offered his arm to Sashay. Cheri and I trailed behind the couple, snickering at how cute they looked.
“That’s what you’ll look like at the end of the night,” Cheri whispered under her breath to me.
“I hope so,” I thought as I climbed into the limo after Sashay and Cheri.
Before I could get all the way in Jaco said under his breath, “She looks great,” and I believe I wasn’t suppose to hear that; I just ignored it as though I never heard it and hoped he wasn’t speaking about me. Jaco followed me into the limo and took his place next to Sashay and laughed at something she said. I had my phone attached to my shoe, so I pulled up the dress to expose my ankle and pulled up my phone. I saw another text from Charming.
C: Hey Ams. I really hope you’re coming tonight. I’ll be waiting under the stars for my princess.
“I hope you won’t be disappointed,” was all I could think. I felt beautiful, but did I look it?
“We’re here,” Jaco announced, and he opened the door once again for us girls. I stepped out onto the concrete and looked up at the banner.
“It’s now or never.”

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