Chapter 5

“Bye Mom,” I whispered through the still closed door. I could hear her softly snoring—she probably stayed up all night working on that new book. As I pushed open the front door, the bright sun once again lit up my face.
“It’s going to be a great day,” I grinned at Calimo passing on his bike and he waved his arm in return. He’s the neighborhood paper boy—seems really nice but never actually talked to him. He was definitely cute though.
“Hey girl hey!!” Sashay yelled as she crossed the street from her house to mine. She was wearing a really cute skirt, a crop top that said I don’t do mornings, and high heels I would have broken my neck in. I looked down at my own jeans, sparkly tank top, and black flats. Not at her level, but I wasn’t hideous. I inwardly chuckled and went out to the street to meet her. Since neither of us owned a car, we usually walked to school. The weather was pretty much nice all year round, so we walked almost all the time. I didn’t know how she could walk in those heels and not get blisters since it was about a mile to and from school.
“How do you do it?” I asked wonderingly, making Sashay laugh.
“I try,” and she flipped her hair making the two of us giggle. “Ooo, look it’s Jaco,” she sighed as he drove past in his sportscar. He had the window down and winked our way as he slowly rode by, obviously checking Sashay out. He was the type of guy every girl wanted—tall, dark, and handsome. Spiked brown hair was his specialty and he prized his rare green eyes. Perfect rows of teeth that shone in the sunlight when he smiled practically blinded any who looked at him. It made me disgusted. But I reserved to just roll my eyes and then reached out an arm stop her.
“He’s so….so….”
“Dreamy,” she swooned and I slapped her arm and she started. She glared at me, “Can’t you just let me have my dream?” Then she smiled, “Eh whatever. Let’s keep going or we’re going to be late. And you know how much Cheri hates when we don’t meet her before class.” We started to walk faster, and Sashay slipped off her heels to keep up with my fast pace.
I followed her example and took off mine as well; we could see the school in the distance. “Last one to school will have a rotting heart!” I yelled into the breeze as I sped past her. I looked back at her surprised face, and then she took off running. I should probably mention she was on the track team, so I didn’t get very far before she overtook me. I pushed myself harder, huffing as I was practically leaping between each stride. I was gaining on her, but the school building was fast approaching. Sashay beat me by about a foot. We saw Cheri tapping her foot as she leaned against the building watching us pant like dogs.
“Had another one of your races?” Cheri giggled. We nodded and Cheri threw her arms over our shoulders and pulled us towards the main doors.
“School doesn’t start for another 15 minutes,” Sashay complained. “Let’s just stay outside until the last minute. We are all going to the same class anyway.” Just then I felt my butt vibrate.
“Ooo has the secret admirer kept at you?” Cheri asked excitedly and Sashay leaned in with her. I blushed but before I could answer, someone came up behind Sashay and tapped her shoulder. My mouth fell open as I stood staring at the boy desired by almost all the girls in school, Jaco, was tapped one of my best friends’ shoulders. Sashay turned around, and I could tell she lost a little color in her face.
“Hey, my name’s Jaco,” he reached down to grab my friends’ hand and pulled it to his lips. Cheesiest thing I had ever seen, but it seemed to have an effect on Sashay.
“Hi,” Sashay smiled her ‘model smile’ we called it, “my name is Sashay. It’s very nice to meet you.” Jaco let go of her hand and she let it rest once again at her side. Cocking her hip, she boldly asked, “So now we know each other, what did you want to know?”
“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the masquerade dance with me?” Jaco politely asked as he produced one white rose from his jacket. I could tell Sashay just wanted to scream, but as she always does, she kept her cool.
“Sure, I’d love to,” Sashay accepted the rose and its scent wafted towards me. It smelt amazing, like a mixture of sweet pea and lavender definitely nothing I had smelt in a rose before. It did surprise me it was a white rose instead of a red one—the usual for dates.
Jaco’s teeth showed themselves as he widely smiled and he stooped to kiss Sashay on the cheek. “I’ll pick you up at 6?” She nodded and he slowly turned to walk away. Once he was out of earshot, Sashay practically screamed and crushed us with hugs.
“So, I guess that means I’m the only one without a date,” Cheri said, not looking ashamed or upset. “I’ll just go for the food.”
“I don’t really have a date,” I protested, but Cheri lifted her hand to stop me.
“Amberlin! You got asked by Charming. You got a date! Just be happy ok?” I nodded but deep inside I was worried. Deeply worried.

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