We are not friends, we are not enemies we are just strangers with some memories.

To the boy who broke me...
I loved you like no one else did, I loved you with all I had, and what did you gave me in exchange? nothing. I thought you loved me back but I realize I was completely wrong.

we were perfect or at least thats what I thought, everything changed in a weekend, thats how fast you stoped loving me. But you didn't had the balls to say it to my face, instead you treated me like shit. I wasted three years of my life in him and he acted like I never even existed. First I was hurt, then I was angry, then confused, I wanted answers. I wanted to know why everything changed. After a while his best friend came to me and told me everything he did. He turn out to be a cheater. Thats the reason he ended everything...

In that moment the whole situation changed, I was no longer mad, or depressed. I felt free, now I can say that im over him. It was really hard but now I just see him as an stranger walking down the halls. He is just someone that I used to know, and that now all I share with him are memories. We act like we never knew each other, but deep down we both know that one time we were each other everything.

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