Chapter 4

“She is the one. The one the legends foretold!”
“Shush! She’s finally awakening to us! Amberlin, Amberlin can you hear me?” A sweet voice enfolded me and I snuggled into it, drifting away from the voices.
“Amberlin, awaken to us. You must awake to us. Amberlin!” I snapped awake in my dream-state at the stern voice and noticed I was surrounded by people, all whom I’d never seen before. I was no longer in my pajamas; I was swathed in white silk with a gold belt around my chest. The dress had one sleeve down to my elbow with golden leaves sewn in at the shoulder. The fabric reached all the way to the ground and billowed out around me a little. I was dressed like a princess ready for her wedding. As I stared at the clothes wondrously, the body’s attached to the voices reached for my arms and slowly pulled me up. I gawked at the three bodies towering over me. Each body must have been ten feet tall. The two men stood full of authority and power; both dressed in silky long-sleeved white shirts, and matching white long flowing pants. The third I gaped at the most. Before me stood a woman, dressed the same as me, yet looked a million times better than I ever would. She stood tall, strong, and full of confidence; she had all that I didn’t. I stood in awe of her. She had the blackest eyes that matched with her very black hair. It curled in ringlets and cascaded down her back, reaching to her waist. She smiled down at me, one full of admiration. It made me feel important and welcome. I smiled back at her, warming to the look she was giving me. All of a sudden she spoke:
“Welcome Amberlin. We have been expecting your arrival for some time now,” The woman was cut off by one of the men.
“We’ve waited long enough. Can we get these formalities over? They bore me,” The man looked quite young, maybe in his late 20’s. He had light brunette hair, like Sashay I thought, and when he did smile, his white teeth shone in the light. Where is that light coming from? I wondered. Then the other man spoke,

“Don’t pay any mind Seian. He’s just grumpy I ate the last cupcake from the last gathering we had,” he smiled. He portrayed an older man as he spoke but he looked quite young—full of life and not a gray hair in sight. He voice sounded full of wisdom; I felt as though his voice was familiar. “My name is Kineri. It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Amberlin.” He looked fondly upon me and I grinned in spite of myself. I finally spun around to the one who still hadn’t introduced herself.
“Amberlin, I am the guardian of the Key’d people, most people just call me Guardian, but you can call me Emmiale,” Emmiale softly smiled, her dimples just barely showing. I suppressed my surprise at them knowing the truth, but if this wasn’t just a dream and it was real, then of course they would know. Emmiale snapped her fingers and four chairs manifested before us. Each one was fit for each person’s desires. Emmiale had a cushioned, straight-backed light wooden chair, she slowing sat down on it with the grace of a ballerina; Seian had an upholstered one—a little on the high-end side and had arms attached, he threw himself down and slung his legs over the right arm; Kineri sat down on an over-stuffed rocking chair colored dark blue; and a gigantic sphere chair appeared behind me in purple corduroy. I could help but rub my hand over the fabric as I slowly sat down on it. Seeing how Seian was so comfortable, I took a chance and curled my feet underneath me. Emmiale opened her mouth to speak and a beeping noise came out. I closed my eyes and shook my head, and when I reopened them….

I was back in the real world. The sun was just peeking over the mountains in the distance, making a sunrise full of pinks and reds and purples. I smiled and sat up, yawning. I took out my phone and saw another text from Charming. I sighed as I read:
C: Did you have any weird dreams last night?
A: Definitely. What were yours about?
C: Well, this knight came and kept saying I’m supposed to protect some girl. But I can’t quiet remember her name. All he kept saying was “Key’d…key’d…” It really made me scared and excited. I feel ready for whatever comes, because I know you’ll be there.
I put down the phone, stunned. He’s supposed to protect me? But, how can I tell him that he’s looking for me and hoping I’ll be there at the same time?
The sun burst over the mountain, covering my face in its warming light. It calmed me. I just had to get through today.

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