hi, my name is annie.
im fifteen, sixteen later this year.
i am a lover of music, english, science, horoscopes, reading, movies and life (and many other things.)

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get to know me

so i was thinking, maybe i should tell you guys a bit about myself before i start going crazy with these articles so i am going to do one of those 'abc get to know me tag' thingys so lets begin:

a - age?

b - biggest fear?
injections and death

c - current time
1:43 am (but i fell asleep while writing this so i finished it at 2:10 pm the next day)

d - drink you last drank?
milo (it's aussie google it)

e - each day starts with...
a snuggle with my blankets

f - favourite music?
pop, old/retro, r&b, jazz, indie

g - grossest memory?
freaking out from thoughing germs

h - hometown
melbourne, aus

i - in love with?
music + pretty things (basically life then)

j - jealous...
of people who are photogenic

k - kissed anyone?
yes, i've properly kissed three people (might be more by the time you've read this)

l - last time you cried?
i last cried while in an arguement with a friend

m - middle name:
rose, hense the name rosiesmoon

n - number of siblings?
one brother + one sister (both younger)

o - one wish?
love everywhere + hate nowhere

p - person i called last?
one of my best friends

q - question i'm always asked:
"is annie short for something?" (it's not)

r - reasons to smile:
music, friends, family, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, life

s - song you last sang?
only you by zara larsson

t - time you wake up?
for school 5:30, weekends usually 9-10

u - unpopular opinion:
selena gomez isn't a good singer

v - vacation places?
i've always wanted to go to paris and im going to bali in two weeks

w - worst habit?

x - x-ray i've had:
i had to go to hospital last summer because i might of broken my rib + punctured my lungs so i got x-rayed then on chest, arm and leg

y - your favourite food?
dumplings, pizza, chocolate, chocolate self sauce pudding, ice cream

z - zodiac sign?
i am a libra, i'm in love with astrology

Libra and zodiac image

okay so...

i'm kinda an article noob so don't judge because it's my first one, but hopefully i'll start posting some cool stuff you'll enjoy and that i won't be a flop.

also here are just a few collections of mine:

and here's my account feel free to follow me...


love you lots, annie x