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“Tell me what this is,” Jaco demanded, holding the key out upon his flat palm.
“I can’t...I can’t…” I struggled against the force of my body. I felt my body beginning to grow faint, and if I refused much longer, I’d die. I fell to my knees in defeat and looked up with tears in my eyes.
“It’s the key to my heart.”

Chapter 1
We’ve all heard the saying “key to my heart” right? What if I told you there is a key to your heart. Yes, an actual KEY. All of us have them, but most have them attached to their heart. They are created just like your bones and brain and blood cells. Unique to your personality, it chooses whatever form you truly are. You get them as soon as you are born. In some cases, the key is created, but not attached to the heart. It appears in the baby’s hand as a real key.
All these keys are special. Once you find true love, you exchange keys with the other person. No you don’t have to have an operation and have it yanked from your heart, you just recite an incantation, but we’ll talk about that later. The most important thing is, is you must exchange the keys. You cannot keep living without one, so your true love gives you theirs and you give them yours. Once keys are exchanged, you may never return or exchange them. That person will always be with you.

Now that bad thing is about the baby’s whose keys appear in their hands. Supposedly, these children have a great destiny to fulfill; one only comes along every 100 years. And guess what, I am one of these children.

I don't own the cover, I found it on Deviant Art. Whoever made it has serious talent.

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