This is my first article!
I'm so excited... I think make this challenge is very good to introduce you to your followers and a wonderful way to knows you throught awesome pictures.
So...Let's gooo!

Im a mexican girl and Im 22 .. and yeah..my english is so bad!
Asi que esto sera en espanglish.. sorry!

heaven, paradise, and sky image party image


pisces and quotes image tattoo and pisces image
The most emotional


fashion, girl, and style image grunge, tumblr, and pink image fashion, style, and red image style, shirt, and clothes image
Always jeans


quotes, lost, and grunge image feelings, quotes, and sad image 00s, 80s, and 90s image aesthetic, loner, and red image


pink, sky, and clouds image grey, halsey, and colors image aesthetic, blue, and emo image purple, necklace, and crystal image


fox, animals, and pet image horse and animal image owl and white image Image by claudia


article, novel, and read image book, glasses, and writing image 90210, blue, and laptop image Image removed


hey say jump and jpop image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image frank sinatra image noah cyrus image arashi image indie, indie retro, and troye sivian image
Hey Say Jump! - Ariana Grande - Frank SInatra - Noah Cyrus - Arashi - Troye Sivan ....eclectic music

Celebrity Crushes

timothee chalamet, actor, and handsome image logan lerman, boy, and logan image eyes, zac, and zac efron image guy, perfect, and handsome image
Son los 4 más importantes porque si pusiera a todos..la lista final seria enorme.


harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image couple, movie, and rachel mcadams image actors, handsome, and call me by your name image my big fat greek wedding, mariage, and couple image

Life goals

emma watson image hijab, islam, and muslim image house, home, and luxury image cute, kids, and rain image
Quiero ser una mujer exitosa, enamorarme y tener hijos, podria parecer una vida cliché pero para mi seria perfecta.

Y creo que eso es todo. Espero poder escribir cosas mas interesantes pronto

Thanks for watching <3