I first got introduced to this idea through @DazedAura. Thank you for loving the Gallagher Girls series as much as I do. I hope all of you go and check her out, she has amazing articles.


- I’m 16
- My birthday is July 18
- I am born and raised in America
- I’m Catholic but I love learning about other religions

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- I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC, please don’t judge my beliefs from my religion. A lot of my friends are ace, bi, and gay and I love all of them.
- I’m looking at becoming a physical therapist when I do through college.
-I LOVE theater, yes I’m a drama child.
- The idea of traveling and exploring has always fascinated me and I can’t wait for my senior year when I’ll go abroad with my theater group in Europe/Asia

- Places I want to visit

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- As I mentioned I’m a theater child so I do love the classic musicals: Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, and Wicked as a few examples.

- I also really enjoy classic rock- Kansas, Queen, Boston, Bon Jovi, Journey, AC/DC

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- The rest is just a mix, however I do prefer early 2000s music like Geronimo and Mr. Brightside


- I love to study; I know it sounds weird, but it’s amazing that our generation has so much power to connect and learn from each other
- I’m in high school but when I go to college I want major in Kinesiology with minors in nutrition and theater
- I choose these three things to study because I want to help people become the best version of themselves they want to be.


- I mostly do circuits however I really want to get into CrossFit
- My sport is swim
- If you want to try a work that got me started I recommend this one.

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- I’m a huge bookworm.
- As I mentioned in the beginning I love Gallagher Girls series. However I have bunch of favorites like: Shiver, Mortal Instruments, Sweet Evil, and a thing done by Rick Riordan and Ally Carter

Truly Me

- I’ve told a lot about the things I like but not who I am I feel. So here it is plan and simple
- I love my friends and family. My friends are always my go to people when I’m stressed or not sure about anything.
- I prefer dark colors compared to light.
-I get distracted easily
- History is my favorite class
- I am a shy/awkward girl, however my theater group has truly helped me come out of my shell more.
- I love corny jokes and always making new friends🙃
- I’m a good listener, I’m always ready to listen and if needed give advice only if it’s wanted
- I’ve also really gotten into bullet journaling recently

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The End

- I know it’s not a lot but if there is anything we share I hope I hear from you and we can chat about it. (Especially if it’s books, send me a postcard with recommendations and I’ll do the same back)
- Thanks for reading this and getting to know me