like many people, there are a lot of things i want, but here is the goal i want to achive in the next 15 years:


city Superthumb bed bath Superthumb apartment
i will be living with my 3 other friends, and we will be living in either new york or london.


animal animal charles dog book aesthetic
i want ot have a rabbit, and I want to have a king charles dog, as they are my favourite dogs. and i also want a lot of books!


camera camera coffee art Superthumb Superthumb
i want to be doing photography porfesisionally, and doing shows and jouranlism elsewhere.


beach beauty concert coachella Superthumb Superthumb
i want to be fit and healthy, i want to go to concerts with my best friends a lot, i want to read a lot, and i want a tattoo like that one.


boy best friends bed girl Superthumb Superthumb
i wouldnt mind being in a realationship, wether it was with a guy or a gal, but i dont care, becase as long as i have my rabbit and my friends, ill be fine!


Superthumb Superthumb best friends Superthumb fashion girl
if these things work out, i wont need anything else.

so i just kinda wrote this, so if you wanna give it a go, by all means go on! its really fun, and it makes you think about your goals a bit. thanks for reading!

losta love, evelyn xx