Hey <333!My name is Iggy, and im so glad you clicked on this article.Recently i have discovered some really sweet bands/artists that are seriously not appreciated enough and i'd really like to share them with you all! At the end of this article i'll link my spotify playlist with my favorite songs featuring the artists i'll be listing.If you like indie/pop/alternative/good music in general youre in the right place (i promise),,also follow me on ig let's be friends ,recommend me some music ! @fxllyspice (and yes i follow back )

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1)Gus dapperton- beautiful man is very talented and has a unique sound.His music will give you synth pop/80s vibes
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2)peach pit - my favorite band rn,i love all the members,theyre really funny.They have an album called 'being so normal' and it's super good.They sound good live and in studio so you get the best of both worlds.but yeah,check out 'being so normal' along with all their other singles ,i promise you won't regret it (a few weeks ago i saw that peach pit and gus dapperton did a few shows together and i got so mf happy lol ,i love it when my favorite artists support each other ,who doesnt?)(their song Alrighty aphrodite is so good holy frick man)
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3)Sunflowerbean - very lovely band,I really can't say enough nice things about them, im not even gonna stress how good they are yall get the jist ,my favorite song by them is 'i was a fool' but all their songs are good just like everyone else on this lists.(Gosh theyre so good )
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4)varsity- idek what to say ,their sound is unique and they use cool beats.Of course, I recommend their entire album 'cult of personality' but personally my favorite song of theirs is 'so sad,so sad'

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