Alright so this is gonna be a short one because Im tired I had work this morning and my brain is still hurting but anyway I dont understand what girls think most of the time I dont get how one minuet they can be the happiest thing ever and then be completely pissed off the next I get its "hormones" . or thats the only excuse I ever hear but still those shouldnt cause someone to become a ass for no reason. It just doesn't make sense to me and I wish I could understand but Im a guy I never will so until you can get your "Hormones" together then you need to actually think and calm down and talk to me but yet you wont even do that you just sit there and watch me. Just I dont know i have so many questions but to scared to as that you are gonna bite my fucking head off if I say one word to you so i sit and keep quite and you act like its my problem