Haii honeys today I participate to the: This is me challenge, so that you can learn more about me. I`m going to show you who and how I am with pictures.

- Style

outfit, style, and beauty image dress, style, and white+dress image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, black, and style image
sexy and comfi

- Appearance

black, blanco, and body image brown eyes, pictures, and red light image brown, eye, and eyelashes image hair, style, and beautiful image
Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair with a little bit of red

- Dreams

red, concert, and aesthetic image pink, money, and wallpaper image Dubai, city, and sea image california, carnival, and celebs image selena gomez image paris, flowers, and france image
Go to a concert, have a lot of money, go to a festive, meet Selena Gomez and go to Dubai and Paris

- Music

justin bieber, boy, and bieber image Taylor Swift image selena gomez, selenagomez, and selena image Image by xxx_SituationShipS_xxx
Fav singers are: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

- Colors

purple, food, and cotton candy image pink, violet, and lockscreen image rose, wallpaper, and black image pictures, flowerd, and roses image
lilac, black and white


summer, girl, and beach image summer, beach, and sun image summer, girl, and beach image beatch, beautiful, and nature image

- Hobbies and passions

the 1975, light, and the sound image alone, night time, and lonely image
Listen to music and make my own quotes


13 reasons why, hannah baker, and 13rw image awkward, hate, and quotes image Nina Dobrev, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries image cody longo, brittany underwood, and hollywood heights image
13 Reasons Why, Awkward and Hollywood Heights

- Goals

drink, frappucino, and andjeli image friends, friendship, and adidas image best friends, bff, and famous image love, couple, and sea image


girl, wings, and angel image Barcelona, city, and lights image mexico, minimalism, and water image light, night, and house image
US, Spain, Mexico and Maladive

- Andjeli

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