Haii honeys today I participate to the: This is me challenge, so that you can learn more about me. I`m going to show you who and how I am with pictures.

- Style

beauty Superthumb beauty beauty
sexy and comfi

- Appearance

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb beautiful
Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair with a little bit of red

- Dreams

aesthetic money beach Superthumb selena gomez city
Go to a concert, have a lot of money, go to a festive, meet Selena Gomez and go to Dubai and Paris

- Music

boy Superthumb selena escape
Fav singers are: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

- Colors

candy Superthumb background Superthumb
lilac, black and white


beach beach beach grunge

- Hobbies and passions

aesthetic Superthumb
Listen to music and make my own quotes


clay awkward Superthumb Superthumb
13 Reasons Why, Awkward and Hollywood Heights

- Goals

Superthumb adidas model beach


angel Superthumb Superthumb beach
US, Spain, Mexico and Maladive

- Andjeli

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