Hello and welcome back to my small space.

As I was scrolling down instagram this morning I got myself thinking. As I looked at a Doug the Pug photo and thought to myself 'this is the reason I keep going'
By that I mean, that is what I look forward to in the future.

Now If you're like me, you need constant reminders on why you should keep going in life and why there is a point to everything. As I do and other people do have existential crises. Which is where you over think the meaning to life and wonder 'is there really a point in everything, if it's only temporary or we all die in the end'
Quick answer Yes.
Even though things are all temporary, friendships, relationships, food, animals, jobs, schooling, all that jaz.
There is a point, it's the point of experience, memories, and saying 'hey I did that'.
Even the shitty moments in life are just important as the good ones, because it makes and shapes you to the person you are today.

It took me a long time to get over the thought of being temporary and learn that it's okay to be temporary, you gotta live in the now and not get your head wrapped up in the future.

So here are a few reasons, or things that make me look forward to the future and make me want to keep moving forward and want to be successful.


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I want to own a dog. How basic it is, I want to adopt a dog and give it a good life. I want to take care of it and give it everything it needs to be a healthily cute cuddle of joy in return I want a good companion and to take cute photos of him or her. Maybe make it an Instagram because to be honest who doesn't want to do that?.


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I want to travel and see the world, wether it's by myself, with a dog, or my significant other even my best friend. I want to travel and see all the things I want to see. As you know I study Bachelor of Visual arts as one of my subjects I study are history so I study a lot of building and architecture and I want to see all of the things I'm learning about in person.

Pass my degree

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I want to pass my degree and shove it in everyones face who told me I couldn't do it. I want to be able to express myself through art and understand the ways of Visual art's. I'm not one hundred percent set on what I want to do after my degree, if I want to be a art teacher, free lance artist and run a blog or become a tattoo artist.


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To the family I have now to what will be my family in the future. I love them and want to continue to love them. I've always knowing I wanted to be a parent and have a child or two but I know that is in the later future and I can't wait to see my future child and their father that I share this child with. Family doesn't have to be biological because my best friends and my friends are family to me and they are a big play in the person that I am today and I thank them for helping me to keep going and inspiring me.

Be my own sugar daddy

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One of my goals in life is to be my own sugar daddy.To be finically stable and be able to treat myself to some Gucci as fuck stuff and afford to live a comfortable middle class life with some fancy shit here and here because I can treat myself because I deserve it. This goal is such a big goal for me that it constantly keeps me motivated in life.

To be a better me

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I'm always thriving on finding ways to be a better person, heath wise, mental wise, art wise. I always want to be a better me and find ways to improve myself so I can be happier and the other around me can be happier as well. I have many goals in my life but being the better me and being happy is my main goal in life.

Well I hope you liked this article and if you want to read more I have a collection fulled with my articles and hoping to post more soon.
If you you want to recommend any articles don't be afraid to message me and recommend me something.

That's all for this adventure

- Britney Good

Disclaimer, I am dyslexic so sorry for grammar errors and spelling errors