Atlas Petrov

Commander of Coelum's Cautis region

Alluring; attractive personality. Down to earth. Gets along with everyone. generally friendly. Doesn't get very explicitly excited. May be reserved upon first meeting. Respectful. Loyal. Nonchalant; laid-back. Strong-willed and motivated. Thinks outside the box; always finds a way. Wise but a rebel. Passionate; always looking to work harder. Adventurous. Open minded; willing to try anything. Explorer. Resourceful. Independent, capable. Bad at taking criticism. Doesn't show a lot of outward enthusiasm. Isn't shy but doesn't talk much. Loves travelling. Ambivert. Likes a little competition now and then. Does no harm but takes no shit. Can become distant at times. Saves most of his affection for specific people. A bit of a hopless romantic. Unorganized

AES- Electric blue. Mountains and snow. Lush forests; pine trees. The feeling of breathing fresh air. Sharp, cold but refreshing wind. Bonfires; the sound and smell of crackling fire at night. Rushing water; white water rafting. Full moon. Loves hiking. Northern lights. Heights; the feeling of being on top of the world. Windswept hair. the scent of pine. Cold hands. Captivating smile. Log cabins in the woods. A cold splash of water. Flannel. Hot cocoa.

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Age- 677
Birthday- July 3 (Cancer)
Height- 6'2
Master- Survival skills. Ability to withstand certain climates (extreme cold), go without food and water for long periods of time.
Hair/ eye colour-

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