Hello hearters,
Today I am going to share some tips on how to make your room aesthetically pleasing in 5 major inexpensive ways.
1. Green Plants

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Be it near your book shelf, window or study desk, having a green plant in your room will naturally make your room look more aesthetic and fresh. Just check around your local store on the way, most green plants are below 20$. Besides, investing in green plants is like investing in yourself as plants uplift your mood to be a positive person. I got my room a mini green plant for only 5$.

2. Tapestry

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Don't know what to do with that big wall in your room? Just hang tapestry. You can get one in amazon for less than 15$. I am gonna warn you, it will give your room a hippie vibe and just that aesthetically pleasing vibe you know ;)

3. Fairy lights

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Lights, lights, lights. Ahh, what could be more prettier than fairy lights. You can hang fairy lights anywhere in your room and it will still look beautiful. You can also hang it with your polaroid pictures if you have. You can get fairy lights in amazon for less than 13 $ depending on the length of string lights you need. I have two fairy lights in my room, I got one for 5 $ ;)

4. Shelf

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I cannot not the stress the importance of having shelf in your room guys. I know that many of us have no prebuilt shelf in our room but just having shelf in your room will completely transform the look of your room and will make you more organized as well. You can organize your stuff and place it on shelf and it will be more easier for you to find your stuff next time. Because I have my budget, I made floating shelf in my room by using the wood plank of my old bookshelf that was taking too much space in my room. You can use any plank wood in general but it shouldn't be too big or broad that your wall cannot hold.

5. Quote and wall art

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If you still have blank wall in your room, you can hang up inspirational quotes, your idol portrait or any wall art. This will just make your room look more tumblr and minimalistic especially if you hang one with white and black theme. You can make one by printing inspirational images from we heart it, tumblr or pinterest and get the frame at dollar tree store or 99 cents store for less than two bucks.

So that's it for today, I hope this article will help you in some way if you are thinking or planning to decorate your room later. I had to write this article because I redecorated my room recently and I am really proud of myself of how i made my small room look neat and tumblr worthy. While redecorating my room, making shelf was one of the biggest work that I had to put into and my brother also helped me. If you guys want to see how I really made floating shelf like above pictures in my room or want a room tour in general, let me know by subscribing to my youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd7BR1z-lgeVnKZ1l2UTKiQ?view_as=subscriber
I will post it if i reach 50 subscribers? Let's see ;) <3 Love you - Tseyang.