Do I like her?
I like the way she makes me laugh, the way she cares about me, I like the she is around me, I Like being with her, I like the fact that we have so many things in common, I like that when I'm with her I can be myself, I like that we think the same way. But do I like like her?
Honestly I don't know.
Because liking her would make admit that I've been hella confused about myself all this years, liking her would mean that our friendship will break, liking her would be just awful in every single way possible. How do I know if I actually like her? I don't dislike anything about her personality, though I've just known her for like 6 months, I feel like I can tell her anything. But does that mean I like her?
I don't know .I don't know if I'm confused, I don't know if my feelings are weird, I honestly don't know what the fuck I'm thinking.
Confused Girl