So... I've decided to make a best friend application. Here's how it works. You copy and paste the questions into a new article and answer them. Anyone who thinks you sound like the idea best friend will message you with their application. Use #whibff when you post yours to make it easy for others to find.




California (The Valley 🤢)




Security Dispatcher/ Office Aid & Student

Why are you looking for a best friend?

I suck at making friends. I have a resting bitch face. People tend to think I'm wild or a party girl. I joke a lot so people rarely take me seriously or they do when I'm not. I'm hella weird.

What type of music do you like?

Everything. Top 5... Nirvana, Sza, J Cole, The 1975, & Halsey

What are your hobbies?

Reading, Writing, Watching TV, Shopping, Driving Around

Favorite curse word?

Fuck ,Bitch, & Cunt

Favorite movie/TV show/ book?

Movie... Dirty Dancing 🖤 TV: Ugh so hard... Insecure, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, KUWTK Book... The Jessica Darling Series

Three things you hate?

Waking up before 9 am, being hot, & cancer

Three things you love?

My family, Ice Coffee, laughing

What do you find yourself arguing about frequently?

Sexism & Racism

Preferred communication:

Texting and using gifs or Instagram

Idea best friend:

Someone who is just as mean but also as sweet as me. Likes to use gifs in messages and sends an absence amount of memes. Likes to go out drinking and dancing but also is totally down to just watch TV and eat pizza. Or you know whoever I vibe with.