Enya Umanzor (enjajaja)

Superthumb enjajaja
  • the funniest human being to ever grace this planet i swear to the lord
  • her style is all i will ever want to achieve and more i can't even handle it
  • her song has been stuck in my head ever since it came out (search her up on soundcloud)
  • the owner of the greatest vines to ever come into existence
  • belongs to an amazing group of friends who i also adore (especially drew)

Conan Gray

Superthumb blue
  • the aesthetic of an angel
  • so unbelievably talented and i'm so proud of him for getting into ucla
  • his music puts me through all emotions
  • his videos are just gorgeous
  • such a kind and just pure human being. i can't express my love for him enough


Superthumb Superthumb
  • vape gods
  • my main source for inside jokes
  • i don't use this term often but this is what you would call 'couple goals'
  • definitely some of the funniest people on the platform

Tina Woods (TooTurntTina)

Superthumb Superthumb
  • rare uploads but they're close to my heart
  • can talk about anything and make it interesting
  • incredibly easy to see how funny she is
  • an aesthetic that's all over the place but that's what i love about it

Shane Dawson

Superthumb Superthumb
  • how could you not love this precious human being just look at him
  • can instantly put a smile on my face on even my darkest days
  • conspiracy videos that leave you quaking
  • wasn't going to give him a try for the longest amount of time but now i can't stop
  • the tongue pops give me extra seconds of life

Drew Monson

Superthumb Superthumb
  • every video is a new comeback
  • watch him in any mood and it will still entertain you
  • this is my baby and if you hurt him i will hurt you
  • the comedy i use the internet to access