I don't know what I'm doing, I'm shaking, why am I so nervous?
I don't uderstand how, why am I like this, who's he, is that for him, it's not for me...
I'm tired, but I've got an exam next week and I'm not prepare, please help, someone who read this, just send me an advise, I don't control myself, my thought, my dreams or my words, which just leave my mouth without asking .

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Someone to give me a hug?
who's he, why is so atractive?, is he looking at me or is it just looking the other girl?, why am i asking this?
Am I crazy?
Crazy for you, for me, for myself. Because I'm gonna love myself before anything else.
Because I'm a strong independent woman.
Confident and clever, hardworkers and with a sweet soul.

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