Sairen Loriel

Coelum's Magic Keeper

Serious, intelligent, wise, peace-keeper. Highly respected by all Elites. Stern but warm. Doesn't get angry easily. Very level-headed. Influential. Brilliant and logical. Scholarly. Family oriented. Mature. Patient. Supportive of others and tries to bring out the best in them. Always sees the best in people. Natural Leader.

AES- Dark green and gold. Stars and solar systems. Full bookshelves. Old libraries; dark wood. Fancy suits. Calligraphy. Velvet. Eloquent speaker. Constellations. Thick fog in the morning. Fireplaces. listening to a thunderstorm from inside; rain pounding on a window. Trench coats. Night owl

boy image

Age- 1168
Birthday- January 21 (Aquarius)
Height- 6'3
Master- Astronomer
Hair/Eye Colour-

Image by thedreamwalkers