It's easy to answer meaningless questions, what's your favorite color or animal but at the same time it's boring. Let's try something a little more interesting!

1. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

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I have big, brown eyes and dimples. I also smile a lot so most people think I am innocent and cute. They are always surprised to find out that I am a sarcastic person who enjoys dark humor. I am constantly walking on the line between being mean and being funny.

2. Do you believe in second chances?

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I do, but that does not mean that I am forgiving everything and everyone. I do not hold grudges but I am not forgetting either. It takes time to regain the trust of someone depending on what the person did.

3. What lies do you most often tell yourself?

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'Everything is going to be okay.' I repeat this sentence again and again trying to convince myself but I fail every time, everything isn't going to be okay.

4. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?

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I would sacrifice my life for the greater good or for an innocent person, for example for a small child. Also, I would take a bullet for my brother.

5. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

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I would love to be smarter even if I already consider myself smart. I don't mean that I would like to know more things but to be able to understand everything easier and quicker.

6. Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?

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My best friend. I can cry in front of him and he will just hug me, he won't say 'stop crying.' like most people, he will wait until I cannot cry anymore and then he will let me talk. We will talk and we will make jokes even in the worst situations, not because we are insensitive, that's just our way of dealing with sadness. I can tell him my biggest secrets and he won't judge me. We disagree in a lot of things but we never fight because we understand each other.

7. What keeps you up at night?

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I think about death a lot, more than most people, since I was a small child. Back then it didn't scare me as much but now it does. I don’t believe in God so I don’t think there is an afterlife. I am jealous of people who do, of the ones that are sure there is a place waiting for them after death. A magical garden filled with the people they love, a beautiful somewhere to spend their ‘forever’. On the other hand I don’t believe that humans have a place in eternity and I am so deeply afraid of the nothingness that is going to follow after my death. I know there is no point in being afraid of that but I cannot control it.

8. What do you use to cope when you’re feeling uncomfortable?

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I am usually wearing a black hair tie on my right wrist, when I am out of place and alone I like placing it around palm in a way that makes me feel like someone is holding my hand. The gradient angel that I don’t have.

9. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?

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I am usually following my head, I am a person of reason and logic. Emotions are important and they are what makes us humans but a lot of the time they don’t allow you to see the reality. Sometimes you love a person so much that you don’t notice their mistakes, you see what you want to and not what is really happening. So, in my opinion, you need to take a step back and think. The heart is an innocent child likable but also reckless, too pure for a cruel world so you have to use your mind to protect yourself.

10. What’s your best memory until now?

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I was hanging out with my two best friends, we were sitting on the grass in a small park with a beautiful view. When we are alone we always talk about deep things and we ended up talking about some of our problems. It was a tough time for all of us and at some point we started crying. I remember crying and laughing at the same time and I have never been more myself than I was that day.

Even if you don't want to write an artictle you need to try answering this questions, just think about them.

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