This is another poem/letter to myself. i know i've posted a lot in the past two days, sorry about that. but, first before you read, as I said this is sort of in response to my poem thing i posted yesterday. so the other day, i decided to name my 'personalities' so my sad self, which i call Luna, wrote the poem yesterday to Dorothy(my happy self) and today Dorothy wanted to write back. i understand i sound like i'm going actually insane but this helps me so whatever. anyway, here it is;

Oh, you silly girl she does love you,
Although she might be one of few.
Her heart is big
And yours is just about the size of a fig.
Her warmth will wrap around you
Love you, until you’re no longer blue
So silly girl, think about this
Start your endless bliss.
She mightn’t share your emotions,
But, she sees the oceans in your eyes.
The days you spent wishing for death,
Were days she spent thinking of you with butterflies.
So, dry yours tears,
She’ll be with you for many years,
You silly girl, you didn’t end the fight
Because she sees the light, In you.
For, its been there for ages
Through all of the stages,
Though, darker at times,
She knowns of your crimes
For she was by your side when they were committed.
Your love is unlimited,
But unused,
So share it around
Turn, her frown
She doesn’t deserve to feel unhappy
So cheer her up,
And share your love,
Because, silly girl, she wants to share hers with you.

This compared to yesterday's i a lot more a poem, and it's also really long. bye.