Here the Day 3 of the 30 days writing challenge of @themermaidwriter:

Day 3| Write About two memories

Happy Memory

My happiest memory is when I went in Dominican Republic in November 2017 and I met my brother agin after 6 years to be apart. I was so happy I wanted to spend so much time I could with him before I had to go back to Switzerland.

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Sad Memory

My saddest memory is from when my Grandmother passed away. It was 10 years ago, I was 9 years old. I had just bought a present for a Birthday Party I was supposed to go. My mother got a call from my father who said that she passed away while sleeping because of a heart attack, but my mother told me that she was sick and we had to at her house. When we arrived she was laying on the couch and I thought she was just sleeping. Then my parents left and came back after few hours with some relevant of ours and with a coffin. There I realized that she wasn’t sleeping but dead.

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XOXO, Alia

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