I LOVE going to concerts and I've been to some pretty good ones so I decided to just write about my concerts experiences

I've been to four One Direction concerts and I can honestly say that they were THE BEST concerts I've been to. 11/10 !! I've been waiting for hours in the heat just to stand for another 4 hours pressed up between people and having the worst sunburn afterwards and I would do it over and over again for them because the vibes and the energy that they are radiating gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. + I really love their songs and their personalities and I can proudly say that I've been a DIRECTIONER for 6 years now and they have changed my ENTIRE LIFE.

one direction image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image
Take Me Home Tour 2013 - Where We Are 2014 - 2x On The Road Again 2015

Since they are on a break (no they are not breaking up) Niall and Harry went on tour and guess who's been there. YES ME. And let me tell you WOW !! Harry is this energetic person who goofs and dances around while hyping the crowd up (I'm just sayin KIWI) while Niall stands there with his guitar and you can see the emotion he puts into singing his songs. I feel like a proud mother.

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Harry Styles Live On Tour - Flicker Tour

This guy is so talented. I've seen him twice and every time he left me speechless. All by himself, his guitar, looper pedal/pedalboard. Also his newest album is SO BEAUTIFUL. Especially perfect, supermarket flowers and save myself.

<3, concert, and sheeran image Image removed

I've died a couple of times during this concert. They are such powerful women who just blow me away. Their voices are something else + their hot dancing and outfits OMG. I've never jumped and danced and screamed so much in my life than during this show !!

Beautiful Girls, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image leigh-anne pinnock and little mix image

I have nothing else to say than FIERCE QUEEN.

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What a fun concert. I also got to met them (M&G) and both of them are such sweet guys and they did a lot of motivational talk during their show which was AMAZING. Also Johnson's rapping game is STROONG !!

jack johnson and jack gilinsky image jack johnson, live, and fall tour image

This woman just puts on A SHOW. The way she's singing and dancing while playing instruments gives me everything I need in life. An ICON !! also her outfits. yeah hello

Lady gaga, montreal, and bell centre image concert, lady+gaga, and gray+hair image

ok wow this concert was INSPIRING. Lindsey gave me goose bumps like every 10 minutes. She is so incredibly talented. I was sitting there with my mouth open. Like she was dancing like a ballerina while playing the violin.

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#9 5SOS
I've seen them twice. At one of their concerts they had like a Q&A before their show and they are SO NICE. Also Michael has been my favorite since the beginning and he said Ariel is his favorite disney princess AND SO IS MINE. Their stage energy is unbelievable. They are jumping around while having the time of their life.

5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image 5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image

ok so I've been a Troye fan since forever. Watched him for years on youtube and now watching him in real life is just incredible. Also TALK ME DOWN is such a beautiful song and the amount of love you feel during his concert is amazing. Not only from him but the whole crowd is on fire and I think the people feel so accepted by him. Obviously because he represents the LGBTQ+ community and shows people that they are loved and appreciated the way they are. And I have never seen so many gay people at a concert just living their best life AND I WAS LIVING for all the love !!

concert and troye sivan image troye sivan, talk me down, and quotes image

wow wow wow WOW. No doubt Freddie was and still is a LEGEND but I feel like Adam is such a good pick for the band. He sings the songs so good and has such an amazing voice !! I mean have you seen his American Idol performances? But I just wanna talk about Adam's outfits real quick. THEY ARE STUNNING !! Also Brian singing Love Of My Life gave me chills.

adam lambert, king, and Queen image adam lambert, Queen, and brian may image

SIR ELTON JOHN. This man is just out of this world. His shows are FABULOUS !! His outfits are OUTSTANDING and his voice and piano skills are UNBELIEVABLE. Also crocodile rock is like one of my favorite songs.

elton john, music, and glasses image elton john, music, and glasses image

those were my favorite ones. from now on i'm just gonna list the rest of them (they were still bomb af concerts)

katy perry and prism image
miley cyrus, miley, and mileycyrus image
justin bieber, justin, and bieber image
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Ellie Goulding image
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#20 PINK
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#21 Pharrell Williams

ok I guess that's it
I don't know If anyone is interested in this but I had fun writing it so yeah :)